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On November 26, 2020 The Star newspaper wrote an article entitled “After brutal beating of friend, the target of Steve Bannon’s protest group will sue police and City of Surrey for ‘failing to protect neighbourhood’”.

The article refers to a dispute between members of an organization called ‘Himalaya Canada Farm’ and an associate (Louis Huang) of Chinese Communist spy Gao Bingchen, which took place in front of Gao’s house during an otherwise lawful protest against Gao.

Although we do not condone violence, we do feel that a large dose of context is missing from The Star article. The details in this article have not been properly verified and are inaccurate. The one-sided nature of this article (extensive coverage of Louis Huang’s version of the event only; and the excluding of video footage leading up to the altercation) could lead to the conclusion that it was written with an ulterior motive. We reserve the right to sue The Star.

Bingchen Gao(高冰尘)
The name used in the video interview with the media, Huang Hebian, is the internet name of Gao Bingchen. In the interview, Gao finally states unequivocally that Guo Wengui is fighting real Chinese spies.

Bingchen Gao is unequivocally a CCP spy stationed in Canada with a mission to conduct espionage against, and gather information about, anti-CCP activists for the CCP; wage a disinformation campaign via social media; entrap genuine anti-CCP activists; discredit Dr. Li-meng Yan who disclosed the truth about COVID-19; and generate support for Hong Kong police brutality. Himalaya Canada has gathered evidence, and have filed a lawsuit against Mr. Gao.

The Star article attempts to paint Guo Wengui as a fake anti-CCP campaigner. Mr. Guo is a long-time campaigner against the CCP. He is the head of the world-wide Whistleblowers’ Movement who’s goal it is to take down the CCP and free the Chinese people, and the World, from the CCP scourge. If there is any doubt about who is the real CCP spy, readers need to consider a number of logical questions:

-If Mr. Gao is genuinely a vocal and active anti-CCP campaigner, why have there never been any assassination attempts against him – as is typical for those who actively organize against them? Why have there been many attempts, by forces acting for the CCP, against Mr. Guo – which have been well documented by his security staff, law enforcement and the FBI?

-If Mr. Gao is genuinely a vocal and active anti-CCP campaigner, why has Mr. Gao never been the subject of attempts by the CCP to have him extradited to China? A section of the Department of Justice’s indictment against Elliot Broidy on October 8, 2020, outlines how, at the behest of Jho Low (a Malaysian businessman and international fugitive sought by the authorities in Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States in connection with the 1MDB scandal) Broidy lobbied federal US officials in support of Chinese efforts to have Guo extradition to China in exchange for concessions like cybersecurity cooperation or the release of American prisoners. Why are the CCP trying to get Mr. Guo extradited if he is a double agent working for them? Why is the CCP completely disinterested in Mr. Gao?

-Have Mr. Gao, his family, or his employees ever faced any danger or retribution in China? Mr. Guo was incarcerated and tortured for two years after the Tiananmen Square massacre, in which his brother was killed. His mother has been incarcerated and harassed, as have his other family members and former employees. In fact, this experience was largely responsible for Mr. Guo’s determination to take down the CCP. Mr Gao, on the other hand travels freely in and out of China.

Bingchen Gao, Tiananmen Square 2020

-If Mr. Gao is a true anti-CCP fighter why did he reveal pictures and personal information about members of the protest group from Himalaya Canada to the CCP? Why did the CCP threaten family members of these protesters living in mainland China immediately after these revelations were made?

We (Himalaya Canada) have been engaging in lawful protest in front of Gao’s house for over two months – always peacefully. On November 26, 2020, Louis Huang, Gao’s associate, arrived at the protesting location and began provoking the protesting individuals. It should be noted that the video provided in the Star article only begins after these provocations. Huang disobeyed the COVID-19 (CCP-virus) regulations and purposely blew smoke and spittle towards the faces of the protesting individuals. Again, we do not condone the violence that ensued, however, for the purposes of context, this is what lead to a physical confrontation between the two parties. Our understanding is that in the age of COVID-19 (the CCP-virus), standing that close to an individual and blowing smoke and spittle in their face can be construed as an assault.

Why is Mr. Gao suing innocent police and the city of Surrey if his complaint is against Himalaya Canada, Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon? Peaceful protests are allowed. The fact is these protests by members of Himalaya Canada have been exemplary in the peacefulness up to this point. The answer to the question is because in court Gao could potentially be asked for full disclosure of information related to issues he does not want known – source of his funds, who is representing him and who is paying them, his connections with the CCP, and who his associates are.

In summary the details of the article by The Star newspaper make reckless claims that have not been properly verified, and are inaccurate. The one-sided nature of this article (extensive coverage of Louis Huang’s version of the event only; and the video excluding the events that provoked the altercation) could lead to the conclusion that it was written with an ulterior motive.  We reserve the right to sue “The Star”. It should be clear, to anybody who cares to do more than just scratch the surface of the evidence, who is the CCP spy and who is the anti-CCP campaigner.

We believe the Canadian judiciary will rule fairly. We are willing to follow the court’s ruling and be held accountable accordingly.

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