Author: Darklily

The following picture was downloaded from a WeChat group. An 80-year old woman posted it. Let’s see how the Chinese Communist Party lies to the Chinese people about Thanksgiving.

The embedded Chinese is roughly translated as follows:

The CCP sent three “sons” to every retired senior:
The oldest son represents retirement bank card,
He is in charge of your food, drink and daily expenses.
The second one represents a medical insurance card.
When you get sick,
He is in charge of most of your medical expenses.
The third one represents a bus card.
When you going out,
He is in charge of your pickup.
So we can say we are
————The happiest senior citizen!
Thank you, The Chinese Communist Party

When someone asks: who is the best one for you?
The seniors answered: the Chinese Communist Party
We all have children, they may be senior government officials, wealthy or ordinary people.
Let me ask, whose children will send you pensions every month on time?
The answer is almost the same: none.
Only the Chinese Communist Party sends us the pensions every month on time, and make sure our lives are worry free.
We should appreciate the Chinese communist Party.
Only because of the Chinese Communist Party,
We are the happiest senior citizens.

The happiest senior citizens, let’s re-twitter this!!