Coronavirus has put America back 100 years.

The Definitive Case Proving Donald Trump Won the Election – Revolve.

Heather Mac Donald, Contributing Editor at City Journal Channel: The mantra of “stay safe” is spirit-killing, entrepreneurial-killing, anti-American. Our early American colonists understood that risk is a part of life.

Intelligent people are so terrified of the phantom threat of the CCP Virus. If we don’t rebel against the establishment using phony science to install fear, this civilization is over.

The Pilgrims would be stunned that a people with such high achievement could be bludgeoned by CCP Virus fear, bow down to unelected experts rather than thinking for themselves and valuing their freedom.

Bannon: What separated out the Pilgrims was their absolute courage. There were more women and children than there were men and the women had as much courage as the man head.

Dr. Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars, treating the Pilgrims as rapacious spoilers of the land, perpetrators of genocide has become a reflex of the Left. Pilgrims would be appalled at moral and cultural decadence of modern America. But they might realize their ideals still live on in the hearts of some Americans.

Why and how 1619 project was projected?

1619 project is “I hate American” manifesto, he treated every American achievement in medicine and our finances the rise of free enterprise, just about anything you can think of, turns out to be a racist plot, aimed at subordinating blacks.

It was very closely tied to the times of disappointment in the Muller investigation. They’d hoped to depose Trump by tying him into Putin and that didn’t work. They held a summit and decided they were going to pivot to racial resentment, new narrative in 1619 project was the vehicle to get that across has been astonishingly successful. They managed to get into thousands of American schools, the beneficiary of millions of dollars of New York Times investment to make it into a central narrative of American life.

If you go around preaching racial division and hatred, you will get the benefits of riots.

Matt Guedes, Executive Director at Camp Freedom, Camp Freedom helps veterans free charge as they have been serving for our country and our freedom. It’s a great privilege to do what I get to do, I get to serve real true patriots and their families. 

But because the forced isolation damaged the business and so many more veterans are struggling.

Francesca DiPaola: Homes for Veterans creates barrier-free renovations to make vets more comfortable in their homes. We try to make it as easy as possible for our veterans.

Jack Maxey: We’re trying to show what history we have to be thankful for! We’re trying to show that all of us have this internal strength and we know about it because we’ve had people who went before us. And then we’re also looking at people who have sacrificed for this country. And giving thanks that those men existed, those men and women to be there on our behalf.

George S Patton, Jr:  “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.”

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