Confucianism is good at preaching, but they always act against their words, and this is why they are seen as hypocrites. Why did so many people oppose Confucianism during the May Fourth Movement? Why did so many people hate Confucianism, including Lu Xun who wrote many articles against Confucianism and called them cannibalistic rituals?

Because of its inherent deficiencies in the system, which is quite low in terms of argument, they claim to uphold the principles of nature and eliminate human desires, which is a completely Neo-Confucian argument. Everyone has to play like a sage, but nobody knows how to become a sage. They lack the Way to confront inner evil and have to pretend, like Lu Xun said “The talk is full of justice and morality, while there is nothing but greed and lust at the bottom of heart”. Lack of the Way cannot achieve the unity of knowing and doing, plus Neo-Confucianism itself is misguided, so it is profoundly different from heart-mind ideology.

Confucianism emphasizes nurture that life is not the same at birth; but we cannot focus on nature only, regardless of nurture. So in order to understand humanity, we must figure out the difference between nature and nurture. Nature is the cause and nurture is the reason; nature is the seed and nurture is the condition. Humanity has both nature part and nurture part. Human beings have a past life, a present life, and an afterlife, just like we have yesterday, today and tomorrow. Today is a continuation of yesterday and tomorrow is a continuation of today. So taken in this sense, people are born differently and what causes it? It is the different habit of the person’s past life that is called gift. Your gift is determined by your habit of past life. For example, you were a boxer, a top martial artist in your past life, and you would tend to throw your fists in your current life and others basically cannot beat you at boxing. It has nothing to do with genes, which are about parents, but gift is not determined by parents. If you were a musician in your past life and you couldn’t stop singing, then in your current life, for example, you are good at playing the flute and you can play it very well with only a couple of strokes, that is the habit brought from your past life. So what you were best at in your past life could be inferred from this habit. Therefore, the basis of our education is to explore your gift and develop your potential that corresponds to what ancient people said “teach in accordance with aptitude”. From the past life, we have brought many habits and seeds, since people’s comprehension capacity is different, so is the gift. Western pedagogy, including Confucianism fails to recognize this. So they believe, according to their standards, people could become saints and sages, but that’s absolutely impossible.

To be continued.


Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya G-farm Vancouver – 2020/11/26