Russell Ramsland, a cyber security expert who founded LI Security Operations, went on Lou Dobb’s show on November 17th. He revealed that he has been looking at election data for Michigan and found stunning amount of fraud.

According to Ramsland, across the 3000 precincts in Michigan, the ratio of ballots to registered voters is between 99% all the way to 350%. These are statistically impossible numbers in a world without voter fraud.

In his attempt at tracing back ‘vote dumps’, Ramsland looked at primarily four counties in Michigan, and found that it was impossible for the voting equipment there to input the number of ballots shown by the dumps. This suggests that the votes were added by a computer program rather than by a human’s data entry as would normally be the case.

Earlier, in his interview with CD Media, Ramsland went through the findings of his 2-year investigation into the e-voting systems using logs from the 2018 Dallas election. Here are some stunning facts that Ramsland found, that he called ‘hard evidence’ of voter frauds.

Private companies run elections since 2002

On October 29, 2002, President Bush signed the “Help America Vote Act of 2002” (HAVA). This law:

  1. creates new federal agency to serve as a clearinghouse for election administration information;
  2. provides funds to states to improve election administration and replace outdated voting systems; and
  3. creates minimum standards for states to follow in several key areas of election administration.

Ramsland said the so called minimum standards was never created. What this law did was providing funds to the states to outsource their election management to private companies like ES&S, Dominion, Tenex, Hart, SGO/SNS, and Demtech. In 2018, these companies controlled 92% of the market share of US elections.

Votes can be switched easily, longstanding vulnerabilities were never fixed

Screenshot from Ramsland’s PowerPoint presentation

In his presentation, Ramsland presented a diagram that represents the electronic voting systems ran by private companies. The black arrows represents the vulnerabilities that he has found where a hacker is able to go in and change the votes.

Ramsland had compared the vulnerabilities he found to those reported in earlier studies, such as those in:

He found that most of the same vulnerabilities are still in existence and is likely to have compromised the 2020 Election.

One vulnerability was particularly troubling, involving ‘NGP Van’ which is a voter analytics company used by the Democrat party.

Screenshot from Ramsland’s PowerPoint presentation

This is a system of ‘Clarity elections’ which is owned by a now-notorious company called SCYTL, which had their server in Frankfurt recently seized by the US military, according to Texas Representative Louie Gohmert.

The Clarity elections system was found to have a way for NGP Van to both obtain data from the Clarity elections’ database, as well as to push data back into the database.

Why would the e-voting system need to allow NGP Van to push data into the Clarity elections’ database? This vulnerability appears to be a backdoor for NGP Van to change or create votes based on current vote tally, to ensure they (or the Democrat Party) get the election results that they wanted!

The same vote switch that happened in 2018 also happened in the 2020

Ramsland went through an example in the 2018 election, in Kentucky, where the Republican Party won all races on the ballot except the Governor’s race. This has uncanny similarity to the 2020 election where the Republican Party did well in both the House and Senate elections, but appeared to be losing in the presidential race.

Screenshot from Ramsland’s PowerPoint presentation

In this Kentucky race, the CNN live election report showed a live change which may be unnoticeable to most people, but is a hard evidence of a software vote switch.

Screenshot from Ramsland’s PowerPoint presentation

In this instance, 560 votes got switched from Matt Bevin (Republican candidate) to Andy Besher (Democrat candidate). The switch can be observed by comparing the live e-voting system feed at the top right-hand corner, to the lagged CNN analysis at the bottom of the screen.

The same vote switching happened on November 3rd’s live CNN election reporting too, as documented in this video.

Authorities looked away and refused to investigate

When asked about what he had attempted to bring these issues to light, Ramsland said he had tried to contact the Cyber Intelligence Security Administration inside the DHS, the FBI (twice), field officer of the DHS, DOJ prosecutor, the Attorney General office in Texas, the top leadership in Texas including Governor Greg Abbott.

None of these attempts resulted in a further investigation by these government authorities. Ramsland had gone in to FBI in July 2019 to try to get them to look at this, but it did not go far. He was not sure whether FBI was not interested or that they did not have qualified people to look into the issues.

“The naked emperor is wearing new clothes”

Towards the end of the interview, Ramsland compared the voting frauds to the story of ‘The Naked Emperor’ where it was obvious to everyone that the emperor had no clothes yet everyone said he had clothes on.

The mainstream media is treating the blatant voter frauds the same way, by refusing the report them, ignoring or even lying about the existence of these frauds. The ordinary Americans saw what was going on.

Watch the full CD Media interview here where Russell Ramsland spells out his evidence using layman’s language. I think it is very worth watching, be prepared to be shocked.

Author: XO酱