Author/Interviewer: Dr. Ming of Guo Library, Himalaya UK

Interviewed Guest:Mr. Steve K. Bannon

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Mr. Bannon Interviewed by Himalaya UK on US Election

Nearly half a month after 3rd November, the voting date for the US presidential election, the dust is far from settling yet. Joe Biden and Democrats claimed victory. The mainstream media and social media are overwhelmingly on their side. The heads of states of the UK, Germany, France, and Taiwan sent congratulations to Biden. Meanwhile, President Trump launched legal investigations to dispute the election result. His team headed by Rudy Giuliani and joined by Lucian Lincoln Wood and Sydney Powell etc. have presented hard evidence of prevailing voting fraud and deliberate misconduct across  Democrat dominated states.

In order to understand current US politics, the role of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  and the geo-political impact, Dr. Ming of Guo Library, Himalaya UK interviewed Mr. Steve K. Bannon on the 16th November.

As inspired by Mr. Bannon, the battle for the US election result is not yet over. In nature it is a conflict between Communism and capitalism. Secretively and covertly, the CCP has plotted and implemented interference in US politics as part of its unrestricted warfare. Its ultimate goal is to erode and dominate the US-led free world. All freedom loving people must recognise and stand up to the CCP’s endangerment. Only by taking down the CCP can the Old Hundred Surnames, or the deplorables, live a life free from pandemic and terror.

Mr. Bannon Interviewed by Himalaya UK on 16th Nov. 2020

Reference – Dr. Ming and David’s questions for Mr. Bannon

1. How do you define the US Presidential Election 2020: Is it a bipartisan power struggle or is it a conflict between Communism and capitalism?

2. Do you think the CCP’s interference in the US election is part of unrestricted warfare? If so, what typical elements have you spotted?

3. On the 14th November, about half a million people participated in ‘March for Trump’ in Washington D.C. and across 50 states. Do you view such rallies as a populist campaign?

4. Miles Guo predicted that the solution to voting fraud would rely not only on the Supreme Court but also on the legislature. What do you think?

5. What is your comment on Boris Johnson congratulating Joe Biden for his self-claimed and media proclaimed victory for the election?

6. Given the threat posed by the CCP, what is your advice to the British audience and government?

7. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is visiting Europe. Do you expect his visit would change the pro-Biden stances of the heads of states?

8. Miles Guo is extremely concerned about the safety of President Trump as he knows that the CCP will take exhaustive means to destroy him. What is your advice?

9.  In a discussion we had back in mid-October, you said this election only started on the 3rd November and would not end till the 19th January 2021. What made you say that? Has what happened since the 3rd November verified your expectation?

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