You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing ——after they have tried everything else.
– Winston Churchill

Translator: Yanbohaomiao
Proofreading & revising: Mr. Snail

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The United States deal with the evil Chinese Communist Party more than 70 years by appeasement policy. They have suffered the deep BLUE (cyber-attack and media control) and GOLD (money  bribery) corrosion attack by the Communist Party. People’s livelihoods and economy are destructed by the CCP’s unrestricted bioweapons. At the critical moment of the 2020 election when the CCP is about to take fully control of the America’s judicial and democratic systems, the Whistleblower Movement has dropped a bombshell through GTV and G-News , revealing the truth to the American people about the collusion between the American Deep State and the CCP interested groups to enslave the American and Chinese people.

The “Hunter Biden hard drive gate” indicated that the suppression of the truth by mainstream media and social media companies inspired the Americans’ innate and fighting spirit of courage to pursue the truth. They got information from the Whistleblower Movement fellows on social media. People come to GTV  to find the truth. The pictures, articles, and videos produced by the Whistleblower Movement fellows of Himalaya farms spread among the American people. GTV’s pageview surged to 167 million times in a short period, much higher than that of Fox and other mainstream media. The Whistleblower Movement awakened the American people and showed them that the so-called elites are traitors and scumbags who are morally corrupted. The democratic freedom and legal system for politicians is just the marked goods and deals. The fraud elections and unscrupulous theft of public power finally made the American people intolerable.

The Million March on Washington, D.C. on November 14 was an unprecedent public opinion of awakening in the history of the United States. It surpassed the 1963 March on Washington, D.C., which more than 250,000 American people participated. Martin Luther King’s famous speech: “I Have a Dream!” left a profound spiritual impact on the United States. He said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” It is a profound spiritual impact on America. The Communist Party has enslaved the Chinese people for 70 years. They brutally suppressed the freedom movement in Hong Kong. Now, they directly are threats to freedom and the rule of law in the United States.

On November 14, I followed the March from the Freedom Plaza, where it was the March starting point, to the Supreme Court which was the March ending point. I randomly interviewed a dozen of Americans who participated in the march. Some of them taking whole family drove here for more than ten hours. Some of them took a shared bus. Some others had come by car, or by bus, or by plane. They came here from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, in the Midwest Kansas, in the Southwest Texas, in the South Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, New York and even from the deep blue states New Jersey. There are also rednecks from the Bible Belt, seniors in wheelchairs, kids in strollers, high school and college students, and people from the United States veterans (the big guys of the Marine Corps), as well as federal employees in the Washington swamps.

By talking with the people in the March, I summarized three common points:

1) These ordinary Americans have always been suspicious of the elites, but they could not get solid evidence. The truth is blocked by the Deep State or labeled as conspiracy theory or disinformation. The highest law enforcement agencies in the United States, FBI and CIA, were both Corrupted.  The mainstream media also colluded with the Washington swamps and lost the credibility of the fourth authority of supervisory. The social media is completely the throat of the Washington swamps. Hunter Biden’s hard drive scandal showed the Americans what they are. When I asked them how they felt when they saw the truth about Biden’s hard drive for the first time? They said they were shocked. But they believe it without doubting. But the level of corruption was completely beyond their imagination. It just likes the first time I heard Mr.  Guo whistleblowed the truth about the corruption of the CCP. The people I talked to are very grateful for the efforts of our Whistleblower Movement fellows. Because without the Whistleblower Movement, they would not have seen the truth.

2) They all know exactly what Biden and Trump stand for – Biden for the Communist Party’s, and Trump for the spirit of freedom and the rule of law. In other words, this election is no longer the traditional bipartisan dispute in the U.S, it is about whether the US will become part of the Chinese Communist state. So many Americans put up the slogans:

It is no longer Republicans vs Democrats.  It’s America vs Communism. And that’s the battle America must win.

Wake Up America, take our country back, this is our 1776.

The year 1776 marks the birth of the American Declaration of Independence, a declaration of independence from the colonial rule of the British Empire.

Today, Americans realize that breaking away from the Communist Party is the only way for the America to save itself and regain its new life and freedom.

3) What touches me most is the third point, that is, the American people’s love for President Trump is overwhelming. It is really inexpressible and can be described as  “like a river flowing endlessly and like a yellow river overflowing out of control”. Because President Trump is the only political amateur who works hard for these forgotten ordinary Americans, civilians and grassroots. I talked to a lot of people in the parade, and I didn’t meet a single person of the power elites or Hollywood or sports stars. The people I met are all civilians.  They are also supporters and donors of the Trump campaign. $5, $10, or $15 They donated.

President Trump loves his supporters very much. At 10:05am, President Trump suddenly appeared in the parade and waved to his supporters. The scene was cheering and screaming. People shouted “USA” and “USA” and… “We need Trump!”.  In the last time, when President Trump was hospitalized after the virus attack, countless supporters went outside the hospital to show their supports and concerns for him. I was seeing Americans camped in front of the hospital and prayed for him all day long. President Trump and his supporters are the same as the priceless friendship between Mr. Guo and his fellows.  

When I talked to Americans in the parade, every time I mentioned that Whistleblower Movement was the first to reveal the truth about Biden’s hard drive, they would stand in awe and sincere respect and support to the fellows who are part of the Whistleblower Movement.  Their admiration for the Chinese people rise, because the Whistleblower Movement would not succumb to the pressure of any political elite, nor would they kneel down to the CCP like Wall Street and big corporations, who brough by money and profit. Trump supporters no longer trust their government and the mainstream media. These elites and powerful people have been cheating and betraying. They admire the justice and conscience of the Chinese people. Many of them said they want to spread the truth about the Whistleblower Movement. They say, “We are in this together”, some others said, “We want the same thing”.

During the three years period of the Whistleblower Movement, there has been a wave of annihilating the Chinese Communist Party. The public opinion in the United States has been awakened. The GTV’s live broadcast of the Million March on November 14 was watched by 1.91 million people, and the English Channel of the live broadcast of Mr. Miles Guo’s connection with his fellow marchers was up to 2 million views. The hearts of the people must not be deceived, and the opinions of the people must not be violated. The American people will remember that Mr. Guo and his Whistleblower Movement fellows are the most trustworthy friends of the American people, and the strongest allies of the American people to return to the right way.