On November 13, Rep. Jody Hice, ranking member of the House Subcommittee on Government Operations, wrote to the General Services Administration Administrator Emily Murphy, saying, 

As far as we can see, the references quoted in the letter are clear and precise. As a member of the New Federal State of China, I appreciate the Constitution based rule of law in America and the people who are working to maintain and protect the integrity and efficiency of the system. 

Transition of leadership in Communist China neither took place according to any rules or regulations, or was decided by the Chinese people. Ever since the CCP seized power in China, those who won the faction battles took control of the totalitarian regime and wiped out their rivals brutally and completely. For generations, the Chinese people had zero electoral rights, but only be enslaved. 

As we can expect, there’s a lot of work  for the Chinese people to do to establish a modern democracy in a new China without the CCP. But learning from the American people and world democracies, the people from the New Federal State of China are determined and confident of a bright outcome.