On November 12, president Trump sent out a tweet detailing the number of votes stolen by the Dominion voting system. “report: Dominion deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide. Data analysis finds 221,000 Pennsylvania votes switched from president Trump to Biden. 941,000 Trump votes deleted. States using Dominion voting systems switched 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden.”  

Where did president Trump get all this data on the deleted and altered votes? What is this “data analysis” mentioned in the tweet about? A web god named TrumanBlack has already given the answer, and the exact details have been posted on his web post at the following link.


TrumanBlack wrote in the post I saw this video on The Gateway Pundit site (author’s note: it has been removed from the site)

[https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/breaking-huge-another-system-glitch-captured-live-cnn-election-night-20000-votes-swapped-trump -biden-video/]

I decided to do my own research and find a more reputable source that could verify that the glitch (in the Dominion voting system) was real and affected the votes, not just a “display glitch” as the news channel claimed. So, I delved into the Edison (Edison Research) data [https://static01.nyt.com/elections-assets/2020/data/api/2020-11-03/race-page/pennsylvania/ president.json], I found the damn evidence [https://i.maga.host/RNPN3Oz.png]. As you can see from the chart below, only 54 votes were added, but Biden’s share of the vote changed by 0.6%! This proves that not only did the failure occur, but it doesn’t even seem to have fully recovered by now.

The data in the above screenshot comes from the source file of the NYT’s publicly available web page. As TrumanBlack says, the total number of votes has only increased by 54 from one point in time to the next, and the percentage of votes has changed by 0.6% for either Trump or Biden.

The internet god then decided to create a script based on the data source file published by the New York Times (the download link for the data source file is https://workupload.com/file/aTKhxPg2RTr) (the download link for the script is https://workupload.com/file/) DV4TvqtWEK8) to collect all votes transferred from President Trump to Biden’s name.

According to an analysis by Godkin, an Athena Farm Networker, TrumanBlack’s script runs the following three steps.

(1) Calculation of specific votes for each network snapshot.

(2) Judgment logic: if Trump’s vote count at the latter point in time is lower than at the previous point in time, then Biden or any other candidate at the same time has increased their vote count at the latter point in time.

3) Calculate specific vote differences.

In the end, TrumanBlack got the following fantastic error data generated using the Dominion voting system.

Pennsylvania: Tampering: 220,883 Lost votes: 941,248
New Jersey: Tampering: 80,242 Lost votes: 20
Florida: Tampering: 21,422 Lost Votes: 456
Michigan: Tampering: 20,213 Lost votes: 21,882
New York: Tampering: 18124 Lost votes: 623213
Georgia: tampering: 17,407 lost votes: 33,574
Ohio: Tampering: 14,965 Lost votes: 5,102
Virginia: Tampering: 12,163 Lost Votes: 789,023
California: Tampered 7,701 Lost votes: 10,989
Arizona: Tampering: 4,492 lost votes: 0
Minnesota: Tampering: 2,766 lost votes: 195,650
Tennessee: Tampering: 2,330 Lost Votes: 0
Louisiana: Tampering: 2,322 Lost Votes : 0
Illinois: Tampering: 2,166 Lost votes: 54,730
Wisconsin: Tampering: 2,078 Lost votes: 3,408
Colorado: Tampered: 1,809 Lost votes: 0
Utah: Tampering: 1,627 Lost Votes: 0
New Hampshire: Tampering: 973 Lost Votes: 116
Iowa: Tampering: 938 Lost votes: 477
New Mexico: Tampering: 268 Lost votes: 4,610
Missouri: Tampering 0: Lost Votes: 20,730
Nevada: Tampering: 0 Lost Votes: 0
Alaska: Tampering: 0 Lost Votes: 0
Washington State: Tampering: 0 lost votes: 0
Hawaii: Tampering: 0 Lost votes: 0

As the above calculations show, president Trump’s tampered votes in Pennsylvania were 221,000, while the number of lost votes was 941,000, and the total number of deleted votes in the above states was a whopping 2.7 million, for a total of 435,000 tampered votes, which is exactly what president Trump tweeted a few figures about.

It is worth noting that the “tampered” votes are all transferred from president Trump to Biden’s name. The “missing votes” refers to the votes that disappeared into thin air in the calculation of the voting system, which includes not only the votes of president Trump but also those of the other candidates as a whole.

And two other states, Kansas and Texas, that use the Dominion-owned Premier Election Solutions voting system have similar situations.

Texas: Tampered 14,954 Lost votes: 30,557
Kansas: Tampered 1,674 Lost votes: 2,154

And the states that used the Election System & Software election system are as follows.

Nebraska: Tampering: 30,086 Lost Votes: 50
Kentucky: Tampering: 8,129 Lost votes: 23,849
Arkansas: Tampering: 3,664 Lost votes: 20,748
South Carolina: Tampering: 2,779 lost votes: 2,119
Montana: Tampering: 2,330 Lost votes: 1,276
South Dakota: Tampering: 1,347 Lost Votes: 1
North Dakota: Tampering: 234 lost votes: 681
Maryland: Tampering: 203 Lost Votes: 0
North Carolina: Tampering: 0 lost votes: 15
District of Columbia: Tampering: 0 lost votes: 0
An unknown voting system was used as follows.
Nebraska: Tampering: 30,086 Lost Votes: 50
Connecticut: Tampering: 3,834 Lost votes: 272
Massachusetts: Tampering: 3,613 Lost votes: 51
Oregon: Tampering 2,557 Lost Votes: 0
Alabama: Tampering: 1,170 Lost votes: 408
Mississippi: Tampering: 355 Lost Votes: 0
Maine: Tampering: 271 Lost votes: 35
Rhode Island: Tampering: 6 Lost votes: 13
West Virginia: Tampering: 0 Lost votes: 78,300
Idaho: Tampering 0 Lost votes.
Oklahoma: Tampering: 0 Lost votes: 0
Indiana: Tampering: 0 Lost Votes: 0
Delaware: Tampering: 0 Lost votes: 0
Vermont: Tampering: 0 Lost votes: 0

All of the data source files came from Edison Research, a media research firm founded in 1994 that conducts audience and content analysis for broadcast entities worldwide.ABC News, CBS News, CNN, and NBC News are all using the firm’s data for election coverage, and it’s also used for the New York Times website. Based on the data they provided, TrumanBlack’s analysis concluded that this Dominion voting system, which was manipulated by the Democrats, was actually a vote stealing system.

The ridiculous thing is that the so-called “mainstream media” mentioned above have ignored the facts and overwhelmingly propagated Biden’s victory in this election. Now the American people are getting closer and closer to the truth, and the shadow of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) behind these evil forces is becoming clearer and clearer. The moment the forces of righteousness and light roar, all the anger will be directed at the Chinese Communist Party and its demise will be imminent.

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