Sean Hannity discusses the voter irregularities, corrupt institutions and lawsuits during the 2020 Election on Fox News at 9pm ET 11/10. He demands transparency.

Politico and Senator Marco Rubio: 70% of Republicans don’t believe this election was free, fair – and for good reason!
Wall Street Journal: Top GOP lawmakers back President Trump on challenges to election results.
Fake News CNN: Shame on GOP Senators who haven’t congratulated Joe Biden.
Detroit Free Press: Detroit lawsuit alleges more misconduct in elections process, seeks to delay certification. Election workers at a Detroit satellite voting center repeatedly coached votes, telling them to vote for Biden and other Democrats, the affidavit alleges.

Hannity shows some affidavit signers 2020 Election.
Hannity reminds that President Trump and Congressman Jim Jordan have pointed out wide spread mail-in voting is the worst issue months before the 2020 Election.
Trump campaign: Count all legal votes.