Hans von Spakovsky joins Life Liberty & Levin on Fox News on Sunday night 11/8 to discuss legal issues during the 2020 Election.

Democrats Attempted To Legalize Ballot Harvesting Across States: Hans von Spakovsky.  
Hans von Spakovsky has never seen so many lawsuits on the security of ballots filed before Election Day. Democrats filed the various lawsuits to try to remove vote by mail security measures to protect against fraud.
He explains why Democrats want earlier votes and later counting ballots.
Transparency of elections is so important that every State authorizes poll watchers for the candidates on voting and counting. 

President Trump Has The Right To A Recount In Wisconsin: Hans von Spakovsky.
Hans von Spakovsky discusses what must be done now to protect the integrity of future elections.
He explains the recanvass and recount of votes during the 2020 Election.

The Media Ignored Democrats’ Attempts To Dismantle Election Security Measures: Hans von Spakovsky.
The legal issues of elections need to be resolved, in order to avoid the same disaster of the U.S. Presidential Election every four years.