In the early morning of November 4th, US President Trump announced that he had a big win in the 2020 presidential election. However, he also commented very seriously that there was a very serious fraud in ballots, and he made the decide to go to the court to sue the Democratic Party for the election fraud!

Almost at the same time, President Trump’s tweet post regaring his  winning was blocked by Twitter. And on most of the mainstream media, propagandas showed that criminal Biden outnumbered President Trump, including Fox News, which had always supported Trump in the past!

The whole world’s reports on the results of the election are all alike a script written in advance, and then shown worldwide!

However, Human history has always been swinging between darkness and light. Fortunately, in this darkest moment, the light still sheds in. When all the media of the whole world is firmly controlled by the CCP and the leftist elites, Mr. Bannon’s Warroom and Miles Guo’s the Whistleblower Movement media platform Gnews, G-TV, Lude Media, the New Federal State of  China( NFSC) Television and etc.  Have broken the darkness and reported the 24-hours-of-the voting on the election day , to help Trump supporters and those who love freedom and democracy people of the NFSC to know  the truth!

Therefore, we now know: the states where Trump clearly won the election, but the left media did not call them, showing that Trump won!

Therefore, we know that the ballots of supporting Trump were discarded and burned!

Therefore, we know that people who have died long time ago have voted for Biden!

Therefore, we know that China’s SF Express has posted a ballot to a voting site.

Therefore, we know that there were a large number of fake US ID cards were forged by the CCP!

Therefore, we know that the total number of votes exceeded the number of total voters!

Therefore, we know that supreme court might allow certain states to delay count the mail-in ballots for several days, so Biden can cheat on it

All these has one objective only – to steal the presidential election through fraud and fraud!

Biden and the Democratic Party have completely mastered the evil skills of CCP: ruling the country with the fake! Miles Guo have already exposed the one key truth of CCP – Ruling China by the fake , and the WM should oppose the rule of falsehood!  But this time, CCP has exported his evil to the United States: faking the United States!

The Democratic Party of the United States has already been a good student of CCP: using CCP evil fake skills to control the United States!

We firmly trust that God will bless the America! President Trump will win the election!

There is a reason why Mr. Bannon or Mr.Guiliani stand by the Whistleblower Movement. These is a reason why WM stared in U.S in 2017. The reason is the justice in the rule of law of U.S.