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Thomas Paine said: “A person is prepared to do anything bad when he lies openly.”It could not be more apt to describe 2020 Joe Biden Presidential Election Process.

Biden’s campaign team as well as the forces on and off the stage is deliberately undertaking the cases of blatant cheating in order to cover up all the lies that ever happened.  They got themselves in a corner and engaged in naked deception and theft. They were brazenly destroying the real ballots, creating fraudulent ones in all sorts of ways, and brainwashing Americans through fake data on mainstream and social media. This is the greatest scandal and scam in American history! But Americans did not grow up in Communist China, what will be their reactions to these devils who are covering up and deceiving elections when “deplorables” learn the truth? The White House is only one step away from the prison, and the prison will be the final destination for these blatant liars and criminals!

America is at a life-or-death situation. If sleepy Joe Biden is elected President, the rule of law, freedom and democracy will be taken away! The new White House and the dark forces behind it will deny people freedom of speech and even the right to vote. The United States will undoubtedly run into Communism through a political puppet, sleepy Joe Biden who will plunge the U.S. and the world into a criminal and desperate dictatorship.

Based on various information and videos provided by netizens, here are a few points to see how the Democrats stole the US presidential election.

Is this still liberal and democratic America? What a scene of YiWu parachuting into America! Where is the law and order? This is an American presidential election, how can it be so ridiculous as to bribe the village party secretary in Communist China!

Biden’s win is the victory of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the dark forces of America and the world will control media, finance, healthcare and technology. Twitter has become WeChat, and is going worse. FBI and CIA have long since been infiltrated and the great electoral system has been crippled by corrupt Politicians and social elites. These so-called elites are in collusion with the CCP to foment weakness, foment chaos and foment destruction of the United States. American’s rights of free speech and issuing voices will be taken away and Americans can only live in the web of falsehood and deceits that elites have weaved.

Zhang Weiying, a famous scholar with a conscience said: “The social meltdown is caused by the shameless minority and the ignorant majority.” Every American needs to open your eyes to the truth and stop a criminal of betraying the U.S. from being the President. In order to protect the democratic constitutional traditions established by American Founding Fathers, for the young soldiers who lost their lives in Normandy, and for the future of the following generations, the United States of America needs to be re-glorified!

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