Translator: 康州农场-Feiyi

Proofreading & revising: 康州农场-Mr. Snail

As you see, cheating in this election started from the traditional media and social media platform, such as Twitter, by not allowing people to release the information on the result of the election such as that of the bad guy who blocks insider information before doing bad or terrible things. As the great firewall in China, the radical democrats and the rogue CCP have worked together to lead the ridiculous situation. While the United States has been distracted by the hooligan tactics used for delaying the election, Xi’s speech at the latest International Economic Conference calling for openness and co-operation with the world as well as promising to provide vaccines and supplies to the world. The CCP’s strategy is to weaken the US. Meanwhile it longs for the people’s belief all over the world. In a word, As Mr. Guo revealed that CCP is ambitious to make plans and take action to destroy the US. They do not just talk about it; they are doing it, it would be fatal for America.

While the United States was focused on its own, CCP completely sinicized Hong Kong and incited Hong Kongers to report each other via social media platforms. The United Arab Emirates has begun to have people inoculate vaccines from China. It is clear that the CCP has a big plan on its hands through the United States’ chaos. The CCP’s hooligan interference in the American election just make the American people outrage. They will review the truth of the virus and all other contradictions. The sins of CCPS will be added up until they are eliminated. Since the last three years, the Whistleblower Movement has been waking the people of America and that of the world which is irreplaceable. It is not easy, but Mr. Guo is doing his best.

In a video made in 2019, Mr. Guo mentioned what will happen in the future between China and the United States in Washington. There would be two scenarios. One is to keep the battlefield inside Hong Kong to keep the most interests of the United States. If the Communist party takes full control of Hong Kong, it will cooperate with the other evil forces in the world to devastate the United States. The CCP’s evil plans made the United States realize that not only would it face the virus warfare, but also it would face a legal war. Finally, it will lead to America’s four-in-one actions that Mr. Guo told us. on one hand, the CCP is delivering supplies to the military bases and unite other countries to destroy the United States, on the other hand, it will take the diplomatic way. All their actions will intensify and antagonize the existing conflicts and stimulate the United States to take action against the CCP more quickly and forcefully. The election may be delayed, but it will not stop the CCP from being wiped out; on the contrary, it will foster its demise.