Author: 庚子灭共(文瑞) Editor: 孔雀

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has prepared decades in unrestricted warfare strategy, its wildest dream is to put in White House a president who operates as a CCP agent. Joe BIDEN is the perfect candidate. Through BGY tactics, i.e. information control, money, and sexual bribery, the CCP has the BIDEN family under control and comes close to realizing that dream.

“Vote Trump, drain the swamp.” Mr. Giuliani twitted two days before Election Day. As Joe BIDEN slacked off in the campaign, it was forces from the swamp doing the rally for him. No group has acted out as vehemently as the mainstream media. The confidence of XI Jinping to let Biden win the election is partially based on CCP’s comprehensive control over corporate media, using media for propaganda, and its global censorship, which is also achieved by BGY.

Mainstream media coverage on Biden vs. Trump follows the CCP official narratives, and the behavior of media and forces around BIDEN are taking on CCP styles. As Trump won in swing states, the “fraud” allegations came into play. Swing states with Democrats being in power suddenly stopped counting ballots before closing the poll for the first time in history. After counting was resumed, nearly all “newly arrived” postal votes in Wisconsin and Michigan were for Biden. In Michigan, 138,339 new votes for Biden, 0 for Trump or other candidates during Trump’s “winning streak”. The Biden camp failed to use the Pandemic story to bring down Trump, but used it to justify mail-in ballots that could be easily manipulated. This explains the former survey from PEW research center: 58% of Biden supporters and 17% of Trump supporters will vote by mail, an estimated 60% of Trump supporters and only 23% of Biden supporters planned to vote in person on Election Day.

Such act of blunt lying and cheating is distinctly CCP style. The CCP once depicted establishing China into a democratic country like America. None of its promised came true. Instead, it rules with propaganda. After the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the CCP embarked on a multibillion-dollar “Global Media Influence” to further levitate its influence and international status. As XI Jinping stated in a 2016 speech, “wherever the readers are, wherever the viewers are, that is where propaganda reports must extend their tentacles.” Media criticism disappeared; the Party became the only source of information. And its ambition is to extend their tentacles to the heart of U.S. election.

Along the BGY tactics, the CCP established financial ties with mainstream media such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC & NBC, ABC Bloomberg, which explains why Communist China has been reported favorably even during the pandemic caused by it. Sarah Cook noted in a report, “Beijing’s Global Megaphone”, that the CCP has in its technology toolbox, 5G, big data, apps like Tik-Tok and Wechat, all of which weapons for getting ahead of the information warfare.

General Secretary XI Jinping set the “Ultimate War” around the 2020 U.S. presidential election and boasted to his devotees that Joe BIDEN would win. As a response, the Whistleblower Movement launched a two-week since the last week of October to combat to expose CCP’s unrestricted warfare strategy and BGY tactics against the world. Consequently, the Biden family criminal evidence came out. And more intelligence information and evidence processed by the Movement will point to CCP’s involvement in ANTIFA, BLM, and “Red Mirage” actions beyond propaganda and election fraud. With no doubt, the unveiling of the CCP-Biden conspiracies has already crushed this evil alliance, both Biden and XI is in great frustration and panic. However, the “deep swamp” will not give up. But there are fighters on the frontline to let out truths that help America to see the right path.

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