The American Mayor, Rudy Giuliani delivered a public speech in Philadelphia to confirm that a lawsuit has been filed against frauds involved in postal ballots in Philadelphia.

Giuliani has explained that since mail-in ballots are prone to frauds, the law allows both parties to observe the counting of ballots to ensure that all mail-in ballots are properly signed, post marked and properly addressed.

For some reason, Republicans were only allowed to stand 20 feet away from the ballot counting, which means not a single postal ballot was properly “observed” by Trump’s team. The strangest thing is that there were 100,000 mail-in ballots showing at 4am. Trump’s team had no idea of where those ballots came from, whether they were properly signed, post marked, or these ballots were just signed by one person. But these ballots were all counted.

Similar mail-in ballots frauds are also happening in Arizona, Nevada and Michigan. 40% of Biden’s votes are from mailing ballots.

Mr. Giuliani explained that Democrats have controlled these big cities in the last decades. When a place is rule by one party for too long, it leads to corruptions at all kinds. So, the government machines in these big cities are crooked.

Giuliani said that Trump’s team is going to file similar lawsuits in other cities and also thinking to bring lawsuits nationally to really expose the corruption of democratic party.

This happens when those so-called elites have so much power and they think they own the media, so they can do whatever they want.

But Trump won’t let them to steal the election. President of U.S must be elected by the people. The elites do not care about the people. This is the whole reason why President Trump run for office, to carry on this campaign – he is fighting for the common people against crooked elites.

The people has voted for President Trump, the votes just need to be counted fairly!