The latest email leaks shows that James Gilliar, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, sent email to Tony Bobulinski at 3:13 pm on September 17, 2018. who was recently interviewed by Fox News shown the evidence of corruption in the Biden family .The email on March 29, 2017 showed that hunter biden participated in CEFC China’s acquisition of Kewen Group Co., Ltd. As the largest private company in Shanghai, Shanghai Huaxin Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., used high premium stocks and unsecured loans as bait to acquire shares of American Kewen Group Co., Ltd. Huaxin acquired 19.9% ​​of Kewen’s common stock at a price of $18.00 per share, with a premium of 29.5% per share. Kewen made huge profits in this acquisition. At the same time, CEFC China also provided Kewen Group Co., Ltd.  six years of unsecured new debt financing of up to 175 million US dollars. As we known, high unsecured  loans is CCP’s financial weapon to corruption officer.

With this cost. Kewen fully accepted the proposal of CEFC China. Huaxin appointed three directors to serve on the board of directors of Kewen, occupying 3 of the 11 seats on the board. These three CCP staff will inevitably serve as the CCP in the next move and influence the decision of the board of directors. CEFC China has invested globally for a long time, involving important fields such as energy, finance and international banking, and has been looking for acquisitions related to the U.S. financial services industry. For Kewen, the CCP has valued this point by using scientific research. Wen’s main business, Ye Jianming can smoothly penetrate into American financial related fields, such as investment banking, equity, research and investment management. Penetrating the financial sector of the United States is not only beneficial to the transfer of domestic assets, but also can achieve the purpose of intervention in the US stock market through continuous penetration of US finance.