Author: 孔雀 Editor: 庚子灭共(文瑞)

The Chinese term for “proxy”, someone serving a cause on behalf of someone else, is “white gloves” – underlining that one has to clean after someone else’s dirty work and leave no fingerprints. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propagates that it serves the people, whereas in reality it divides China’s economy among a handful of families, and they use “white gloves” as front soldiers for financial, political and diplomatic operations, as well as in unrestricted warfare plan encoded “BGY” (Blue, Gold, Yellow), where information control, money and sexual bribery were used to bring down western dignitaries.

General Secretary XI Jinping was put to power by the old-guards because they thought he had no grip on essential resources therefore was easy to control, not knowing that XI had a roadmap to snatch powers away from them in several years. One strategy for XI was to secure peaceful relation with Russia. For that, he appointed Yue Xinyu to liase between him and Putin, locking in overpriced oil deals that margin in hefty profits for both clans. The operation was discrete. Yue Xinyu, “white gloves” of XI, does not appear in the official description of his Golden Brick Capital Management Ltd., nor makes media appearances.

The next move for XI was to strengthen his relation to U.S. politics. Joe BIDEN became a magic key that opens to many layers of the U.S. politics and interest groups, putting XI on a fast track to steal U.S. relations that the other families had been cultivating for decades. YE Jianming, Chairmen of CEFC CHINA ENERGY COMPANY LIMITED, who hit the 2016 Fortune 500 list at age 39 and was regarded as “China’s Newest Oil Baron”, was one of the major “white gloves” to Hunter Biden’s Family. The companies Hunter BIDEN dealt with are state-owned or military enterprises that were covered up as private companies to bypass legal restrictions. Hunter BIDEN was toyed around by “white gloves” who report to different families but collectively follow CCP’s unrestricted warfare strategy and expansionism ambition. With efforts from “white gloves” like YE and the enormous financial support from CCP, the BIDENs willingy become XI’s firm alliance and victims of BGY plan.

Joe BIDEN said during his campaign that if he was elected the President he would demand China to compensate for America’s loss over Covid-19. It sounds like a promise to help America but in fact a favor to XI. In a grand scheme, by having BIDEN elected, XI and BIDEN would arrange the U.S. justice system to investigate into overseas assets of XI’s rivals, starting with the Jiang, Zeng and Meng families, use their massive assets to compensate the U.S., thus hitting two birds with one stone – making BIDEN appear like the king of justice, meanwhile knocking off XI’s enemies.

On the other hand, by using the “white gloves”’s companies to purchase leading players in high-tech and high-value industry sectors in the U.S., such as the Michigan auto parts company Henniges, the CCP will produce in China and sell back with a lower price to the U.S. where it originated. The CCP uses its national power to crush local industries, causing millions of job losses in the U.S.

The plan was going smoothly for years. But the doomsday of YE came in 2018 when he was taken to custody after XI suspected of his connection with XI’s former political foe BO family. YE reportedly suffered multiple “heart attacks” during custody. The discussion about his being alive or dead lasted only a few days. The families of XI’s political enemies arranged the Hard Drive which contains evidence of XI and BIDEN’s conspiracy be delivered to key persons in the U.S., they did it for revenge and also for their own safety. In this Hard Drive, a voice recording was found, in which Hunter BIDEN complained about his partner YE being missing.

The lives of “white gloves” can be seducing to those who are driven by quick material success. However, “white gloves” of CCP are not expected to live long. The CCP system works like a super grinder that shreds everything in its way into pieces. For instance, the heavy weight “white gloves” of CCP – Jack Ma – has been interrogated by four government agencies, which indicates his life is about to end. The “white gloves” serving CCP families are typically very capable men from outside the Red Aristocrats, with no direct lineage from the ruling families, are used and disposed at the will of their masters.

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