“Rosemont Seneca Advisors” is a firm which Hunter Biden and his cousin, Eric Schwerin co-founded. Hunter Biden holds 75% equity while Eric Schwerin holds the other 25%.

According to the three emails that Eric sent to Hunter in Dec. 1st, 5th and 8th 2017, it is clear that “Rosemont Seneca Advisors” is essentially a shell company that is specifically used for colluding with the CCP. Since President Trump took over the White House in 2017, there has been no “business” for that company (i.e., “no clients in Rosemont Seneca Advisors anymore”, as highlighted in the email) due to the fact that the Biden family has been not much of use politically. As a result, Eric suggested the following items to Hunter:

  1. Acquiring Hunter’s equity share of RSPI (RSP Investment) at an reasonable price

2. Paying $150,000 to Jonathan in the name of BHR loan repayment

3. Splitting the remaining of Skaneateles’s Holdings by 75%/25% ownership.

However, Eric only received a furious reply by Hunter after three very humble emails.

Hunter fiercely refused all suggestions of Eric in his email with an extremely rude attitude. In the reply email, Hunter told Eric blatantly, ”there’s no reason you should have access to any account related to Owasco Skaneateles, RSP, (I) Rosemont Seneca, RSP Advisors Eudora etc… you are not a partner in any of these ‘named companies’ or the myriad of other companies I own outright or by a majority and I terminated you as an at will employee for gross negligence” (see highlighted in the email picture). Moreover, he warned Eric not to “sit with” his friends or he will be sued for “defamation”. In the end of that email, he even scorned Eric by asking him to consider moving to somewhere he would never go – places like Naples, FL.

Hunter’s attitude towards Eric baffles people. Why did Hunter suddenly decide to fall out with Eric, is it simply because Eric defamed Hunter in from of Hunter’s friends? Well, we can uncover the true reason from Hunter’s recordings in the hard drive. Patrick Ho, who was deputy chairman and secretary general of China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC) also the “spy chief” (according to Hunter’s own words) of CCP was arrested in New York JFK airport in November 2017. New York Times was therefore chasing this story and asking around, so Joe Biden had been trying to reach Hunter. New York Times was wondering whether Hunter was representing Patrick Ho. The truth is, Patrick Ho was “spy chief” of CCP and worth several hundred billion dollars, and Hunter knew these all the time! When Joe Biden couldn’t reach Hunter, he forwarded the phone call from New York Times to Eric Schwerin. And without Hunter’s consent, Eric answered those phone calls. So Hunter thought Eric was backstabbing him.

So the real reason that scared and infuriated Hunter is that he himself know his “business” is illegal and possibly even treasonous. When the news of Patrick Ho being arrested struck him, he was totally stunned and horrified. Hunter was so afraid that the media might expose his “business relationship” with BHR, and his private relationship with Patrick Ho. He was so afraid of the fact of his deep collusion with the CCP slipped out of Eric’s tongue. All he could do was venting his anger on Eric.

Originally written by: Alita (Gnews)

(The opinions are the author’s own.)

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