Leaked text and voice messages from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” revealed complicated relationship between Hallie Biden, who is the wife of Hunter Biden’s elder brother Beau Biden, with members of the Biden family.

Beau Biden died in May 2015 from brain cancer . In an interview , Hunter Biden said he and Hallie Biden “bonded over Beau’s death”. Hunter and Hallie had reportedly dated from 2016 to 2019.

It seems a rather unusual relationship. However leaked messages in 2017 showed it was more unusual than Hunter dating his brother’s widow. The relationship was challenged by Hallie’s alleged affair with a family friend, and five months they mended, Joe Biden sent voice messages to his daughter-in-law that was suggestive of his untoward feelings.

Hallie’s alleged affair with a friend of the Bidens

On April 28th 2017, Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden had a feud over Hunter’s suspicion that Hallie had been dating another man, ‘David’. In their exchanged text messages, Hallie proclaimed that she had never been “physically” with a man called David, and that she “deeply want and love” Hunter Biden. In his text, Hunter Biden said he did not believe in what Hallie said, and implied that ‘David’ that Hallie allegedly had an affair with is a friend of the Bidens, who “had a reason to be at the house and out with you (Hallie).”

Screenshot of text messages of Hallie Biden and Hunter Biden

Hunter mended with Hallie and told her about his Chinese deal

In another block of leaked text messages a week later, on May 9th 2017, Hunter and Hallie seemed to have mended and were in good terms.

In these strings of messages, Hunter told Hallie: “I shouldn’t leave here until the Chinese do”. Hunter Biden had likely sent his messages from a meeting with Chinese businessmen on his business deal with the Chinese equity fund, Bohai Industry Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. The meeting was prior to the loan agreement on June 30th, 2017 , signed between Hunter Biden and Bohai Industry Investment Fund Management where Hunter was given a loan to purchase 10% equity in Bohai Industry Investment Fund Management.

In his text, Hunter also said he appreciated Hallie’s concern for ‘Naomi’, referring to his daughter Naomi Biden. This reaffirmed that Hunter and Hallie were in good terms.

Screenshot of text messages of Hallie Biden and Hunter Biden

Joe Biden expressed untoward feelings for his daughter-in-law

Five months later on October 4th, 2017, Hunter’s father, former Vice President Joe Biden dropped two cryptic voice messages for Hallie Biden which suggested he had untoward feelings towards his daughter-in-law.  

Joe was lamenting to Hallie:

“Hello Hal, it’s dad, just checking in. See how you are, love you a lot, you never answered. See yea.”

“You don’t call, you don’t write, you don’t send flowers, what’s going on?”

These voice messages were retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop, suggesting that Hunter was well aware of them. The tone that Joe Biden used was not typical of a father-in-law under normal circumstances. Joe Biden seemed to have untoward feelings for his daughter-in-law. 

From Joe’s voice message, Hallie did not reciprocate to her father-in-law’s seemingly romantic feelings. As Hallie and Hunter were in good terms, it is possible that Hallie showed Hunter these voice messages, and Hunter saved them in his laptop.

Later in that year, Hunter and Hallie leased a house in Maryland as joint tenants, confirming their intention to continue their relationship .

Conclusion: The Biden family is SICK

Putting aside the morality debate on whether Hunter Biden should be dating his brother’s widow, the fact that his father Joe Biden also expressed romantic feelings towards Hallie tell us the whole Biden family is sick.

There is incest behaviour between members of the Biden family. And there is plenty of evidence for it on gtv.org such as this one .

Joe Biden clearly failed in his parenting, and he should not be the President of the United States.

Author: XO酱