Large amount of voice messages been recently leaked which confirmed were belonged to Hallie Biden. As we went over the secret life of Hallie, 2 voice messages drew our attention.

One was on Oct 04, 2017, a voice message was dropped to Hallie’s phone.

Does that voice ring a bell?? Joe said Hallie ‘Never answered’, however not answering/replying calls seems not very Hallie based on voice messages we came across.

So what was Hallie trying to avoid? Why was she ignoring Joe?

Then another message in following weeks, Oct 29, 2017, might shed some lights.

Under what circumstances Joe would speak to his daughter-in-law in that tone? Was that the tone a father-in-law would use normally? What was Joe actually implying?

As an attractive single woman, seems Hallie’s role of single mom is never an issue for her to enjoy rich dating lifestyle. While her relationship with brother-in-law Robert Hunter Biden caught public eye since very beginning, her text messages told us she was never short of companies during Hunter’s time away. She does know juggling between flings meanwhile keep her solid connection with Hunter. Well it’s hard for public to imagine Joe was one of her companies, the messages somewhat implies something.

By:【秘密翻译组G-Translators – Charles】