Jul 17, 2015, at 11:08 AM, Hunter Biden ([email protected]) email to

Francis Person (president of Harves Group China) regarding a “very real China deal he is working on”.

On same day 7:28 PM, Francis unfolds an exciting project to Hunter Biden through email, CC to

 Devon Archer (BHR Vice Chairman)) and James Bulger (BHR Director).

“A tier 1 real estate development company, Harves Corporation in China has a partnership

With the China Development Bank. Both the group and the China Development Bank have expressed real and immediate interest for us to broker a joint venture to build a SeaWorld Park(s) in China.

And the Harves Group China will “provide all of the capital and land for the project, as well as the construction of the Park”. What a perfect business partner to work with! Land supplied by the CCP’S general secretary‘s family, Money is guaranteed by china develop bank (net income 10.3 trillion in 2015); even the location already finalize, “SeaWorld Entertainment On the China side, between Harves and the CDB”. Marvelous beautiful deal I have to say.

Anything else need to worry? Absolutely not, Francis already meet the former Ambassador to China, Gary Locke (on the board of Harves Investment Group), from his effort, United state government may support this project also!

A SeaWorld be able to provide the brand, design, management and support for the park. It is so perfect no one can resist it.” Please let me know how we can approach trying to put this together. We have all of the pieces in place in China to move on this.” Here is the question, since everything is ready, why Hunter Biden is “the one” to put them all together? What make him so unique in this deal? Hmmmm, Joe Biden, his father, the one want to be the next president!

2 weeks later, on 29/7/2015 Francis Person sent another email, invite Hunter Biden to meet Zhang Bo in china (boss of Harves Group, xijinping’s illegitimate son);, the show beginning. Fish hooked!