By Himalaya NewZealand


Just after the Christmas 2018, December 28, 2018, Hunter Biden’s personal assistant Katie Dodge start emailing her boss to ask her pay due 30/12/2018, which she thought $3000 fortnightly, somehow Hunter Biden deduct half of it to $1500 in a later reply email, and the excuse is Hunter Biden may not clearly say “no” to her expectation.

“I clearly don’t remember saying not so I think you could believe that I have the capacity to pay you a $72,000 a year salary for part time work “, he also accuse Katie’s job is a part time job with no hours and no Responsibilities beyond responding to his mail and paying his bills.

As an experience assistant to Biden for a long time, did not resign after this letter, she is impossible to forget what her wage is, the problem is at that time Biden fell into financial crisis. First, Biden’s business partner in China Yejianming (CEFC)  is now a prisoner on death row in China; Second, his payment from Burisma (Russia company) cutting in half ; thirdly, he still need to pay more  alimony to his ex-wife Katherine; “So there’s not much income coming through these days”.

So the Eric D. Schwerin, (president of Rosemont Seneca partner’s form found by Hunter Biden) be the person he put the pressure, “tell Eric that is asked that he please pay me 30-% of any Business debt including the Wells Fargo business card- whatever the balance was the day I fired him”.

At the last, “ACE OF HEART” appear,” I signed and returned loan doc to BHR (xijinping’s company) directly. For the entire bill coming to his table the end of the year, the way out still China. CCP’s corruption regime use endless money from Chinese people, to groom the parasites of the west. Trap the weak people, who addict to the money, woman and drug, manipulate Biden family to work for CCP. any chance Biden can leave CCP? No way, once you collude with evil, you only sink deeper and deeper, to the bottomless pit.