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Back to 2012, XI Jingping and BO Xilai, both princelings from the Red Aristocrats of the CCP, had an equal chance to power. The party seniors such as Jiang Zemin finally selected XI because they thought him more dominable compared to the flamboyant and charismatic BO. They underestimated XI’s ambitions. While the “anti-corruption” campaign sweeping across China, XI had most of his enemies taken down, including BO and many subordinates of Jiang Zemin. According to Lude Media, it was the BIDEN squad that disclosed BO’s U.S. based network to XI, thus taking away BO’s power to fight back.

XI learned from CCP family legacies that having a powerful personal ally in the U.S. is crucial for his safety and prosperity. That perfect ally was Joe BIDEN, who arrived at Beijing on Air Force 2, eight months after XI was “elected” President of China. Hunter accompanied his father on that trip and was video documented, as found in the Hard Drive, of in sex and on drugs with Liu Yifei, the celebrity came later to be known for her starring role in Disney movie Mulan and pro-Beijing statements against Hong Kong protestors. Hunter asked for money and girls at first meeting with Che Feng, the CCP agent who was assigned to trap Hunter through BGY tactics, coded for Blue, Gold and Yellow, meaning information control, money and sexual bribery. Che Feng was so shocked by Hunter’s bluntness that he suspected Hunter was one setting the trap. He soon found out that Hunter was just greedy and anxious.

About 10 days after the BIDENs’ trip, BHR partnership was established. One of the China’s largest state-owned bank, Bank of China, injected $ 1 billion into the newly registered private holding company, and Hunter Biden was made a board member. The registered capital raised to $ 1.5 billion in May 2014. Under the scheme of BHR, Rosemont Seneca Partners, founded by Hunter BIDEN and Christopher Heinz, along with Devon Archer, played the front role for CCP to purchase energy and technology companies including Henninges Automotive the Michigan auto parts maker that owns cutting-edge technology in civilian-military dual function.

The collusion between XI and BIDEN escalated as XI continued to grab power. Their plan was not perfect as they thought. The Whistleblower Movement was about to expose them. And one of the witnesses of XI-BIDEN crimes would come out of the shadow. BAO Jiaqi, the illegitimate daughter of XI’s former political foe Bo was waiting for a moment to revenge.

The official story tells that FBI knew about the Hard Drive from a repair shop in Delaware. However, according to Lude Media, a central figure around the Hunter Hard Drive was actually BAO. In the tradition of China’s ruling families, illegitimate children can not inherit the titles, they are well provided but expected to take on certain responsibilities that may be deemed dangerous or demeaning for the official heirs. BAO was trained as an agent through one of China’s top “Special Talent” KGB-style programs and studied in the U.S. later on. She was a crucial point of contact with Hunter BIDEN representing CCP proxy Chairman of CEFC, YE Jianming, who promised Hunter BIDEN $ 10 million a year for making “introductions alone”. She was also a key member overlooking the financial aspect of Hudson West III, one of the puppet companies funneling funds around the BHR circle.

The BIDENs were apprehensive when finally finding out that BAO is the daughter of BO whom they sold out to XI. They informed XI. Sensing that the daughter of his old enemy might seek an opportunity to revenge, XI had YE Jianming secretly arrested in 2018, who later reportedly suffered multiple “heart attacks” in a detention facility in Shanghai. Hudson West III was subsequently shut down and BAO was ordered to leave on short notice.

In an email dated March 24, 2019, that BAO addressed to Hunter BIDEN, she wrote amicably to remind him that they had been good friends and that Hunter might have been influenced by certain misunderstandings caused by other parties to distance himself from her. She added that she had kept his things in a safe place. In another email on March 31, 2019, her last day in the office, she addressed to Hunter and Robert BIDEN, in a dutiful business manner, that she had Hunter’s expenses to process detailing his trips and whereabouts.

These two emails from BAO were found in Hunter’s Hard Drives that were sent to the repair shop in April just after BAO had been “cut off” by the BIDENs. The seemingly innocent mentions of Hunter’s expenses, trips, hotels are clues to investigative research on BIDEN criminal activities. By telling Hunter she would keep his “things” in a “safe place”, she had warned him what was to come. Knowing the inner works of the CCP, BAO knew XI would order for her to be killed. For her own life, and for revenge, she had to strike before her enemy does.

According to Lude Media, BAO is currently protected by brothers of the Whistleblower Movement, and she will be one of the four witnesses to testify against the BIDEN criminal syndicate and the BGY of CCP. Addressing to Whistleblower Movement followers, Mr. Miles GUO said that the CCP will inevitably self-destruct, the mission of the Movement is to inform and to help the world minimize the harm that CCP may cause in its final days.

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