I think the foundation of freedom in America, and the foundation of freedom of the press is not just being harmed, is not just being influenced, I think it is in extreme danger. This is no longer a threat of harm to democracy, freedom, independence, the rule of law, the CCP is already putting you (the U.S.) on an extremely dangerous, even catastrophic path, and it must be taken very seriously. It’s a fact that it has already happened to Guo Wengui, this is the simplest answer.

Words from Miles on Oct. 5, 2017


When I hear and see so many Americans awakening, when I see this frustration and this fear in Manhattan, then I know, the CCP, you are really finished! You’re really doomed! You’re not seeing another tomorrow.

Words from Miles on Sep. 8, 2020


The reason kleptocrats put their money in America and Europe is because the money is readily available to meet their demands and kill their enemies! It gives them the power they want! It gives them the information they want! And it will eliminate everything and everyone, and their power, that stands in their way! That’s the threat America faces now!

Words from Miles on September 6, 2017


Eliminate the CCP and make clean money many times more than (the dirty money) now! And then enjoy the Chinese market and live in peace with the Chinese, like the Millennium Accord as stated in the Declaration of the New Federal State of China.

Words from Miles on July 17, 2020


Hong Kong will become a landmark in the demise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It starts in Hong Kong and ends in Hong Kong, this we will see.

Words from Miles on March 7, 2020


It’s not fair to have punitive investigations of all CCP members overseas. You’ve fallen for the CCP’s trap (that is the strategy they always use).

Words from Miles on July 17, 2020


The Chinese people, Lao Bai Xing, had no choice, many families were forced and kidnapped by the CCP.

Words from Miles on July 17, 2020