As more evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop is revealed, the public now see clearly the criminality of Joe Biden’s family and his son, Hunter Biden, a pervert, drug addict, abuser, and lier.

Hunter Biden’s cellphone messages from 2016-2017 stored in his laptop reveal more details of his crooked life. Many of his family and friends were well aware of his bad situation as a drug addict.

On Sep. 16 and 17, 2016, Hunter Biden received messages from his “macanick”, showing that police found drug-using tools in Hunter Biden’s truck when it was sent for repair. His mechanic said they needed to talk “face to face”, and “I think I deserve something real nice”.

The text messages history showed below is from Biden’s phone:

(The Symbol “←” means “Received”; “” means “Sent”)

←9/16/2016 21:24 Received

Yo Rob they think I stole your car but I’m ur macanick they need to hear or get a text from u 

9/16/2016 21:24 Received

ASAP now 

9/16/2016 21:29 Received


9/16/2016 21:34 Received

Smfh now I smoke crack because they found a crack pip 

9/17/2016 5:25 Received


→9/17/2016 5:57 Sent

Send What is going on did you repair dent in my truck– I have been in China by way of Chicago since Sunday and just returned. 

9/17/2016 6:00 Sent

What could possibly be your emergency at 6 AM that involves my truck. 

9/17/2016 23:25 Sent

No but we need to talk fave to face because some people was talking bad. A bout u but just to thank u I have a charge now since it was a Tabasco pip fibbing thing is they wanted me to say u sa bad but I told them I get but I work on ur cars I don’t know how we gone take care of this but they stop me at the pump asking do I know who truck I’m driving so they wasn’t gone search but they said call u and if u say I’m suppose to have it they would let me go but u didn’t pick up so they charged me with your shit like I said I’m real and I know it would of fuck ur shit up even more but what r we going to????????????????????? I think I deserve something real nice they even call sect serve come on bro I really might go too jail be hind this so let me know y 

9/17/2016 23:27 Received


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