The CCP already controls or holds substantial influence in organizations like the Triads, the World Bank, the United Nations, Interpol, South China Morning Post (Why I will no longer write for the South China Morning Post), Bloomberg (Here’s How Chinese Censorship Works) and many other mainstream news outlets.

In addition to these organizations, the CCP employs techniques Miles Guo refers to as the “BGY” program.


Blue is for hacking.

The CCP uses teams of skilled hackers like the APT 10 Group to systematically penetrate cyber defenses implemented by foreign organizations and governments in order to exfiltrate data like trade secrets or financial records. Essentially, if the device has a connection to the internet, it can be corrupted by CCP hackers remotely. Some examples of systems that have been successfully hacked by the APT 10 Group are alleged here on their FBI wanted page (FBI wanted page). They have the sophistication to hack even the most highly secure databases because nearly all sectors of our corporate and government systems utilize a common and shared communications infrastructure. Even SCADA systems that control our power plants and other critical infrastructure are vulnerable to foreign hostile state actors with nearly unlimited black budgets and the organizational flexibility afforded by the CCP’s other operations. Essentially, if a device is connected to the internet you can safely assume the CCP has a way into it. This includes access to datasets like detailed financial records, personal health data, your daily activity, and location, as well as the potential to develop AI determined estimates on the individuals’ vulnerabilities to blackmail, corruption, or even simple spearphishing.

What this has enabled the CCP to do is build a database on all of its ‘prospects’ around the world — just like Salesforce, as well as all of its ‘threats’ around the world — just like Skynet. Sadly, the CCP already used that name for another program. In realtime, the CCP is able to simultaneously detect every individual threat posed to its existence around the world. The CCP has been harvesting the data of millions of unsuspecting individuals in innocuous-looking mobile apps like TikTok and WeChat and by selling its Trojan-horse like surveillance camera systems to the world, helping to automate its vast data collection activities. The CCP has already used advanced artificial intelligence models to profile and spy on the Uighur’s — in part funded by Hunter Biden’s active participation in CCP investments. This is part of the CCP’s goal to profile all living human beings into two simple categories — those who present a threat to its existence, and those who do not. The same underlying surveillance technology the CCP, along with Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz (John Kerry’s stepson), and Devon Archer helped build to oppress the Uighur population could be sold to police departments in the United States, and then hacked by the CCP through the “Blue” program. This would give them nearly limitless domestic spying reach in the United States in realtime. It is likely they already have many of these programs established.

Communist China has millions of CCTV cameras waiting for the western elites. #1
Communist China has millions of CCTV cameras waiting for the western elites. #2


Gold is for money.

Along with the New York Post, the Daily Mail has proven a pretty reliable source of information over the last few years. According to this article which summarizes the events of a 60 Minutes interview with a CCP defector, Nick Zhao was killed in a hotel room in Australia in early 2019. It is alleged by Wang ‘William’ Ligiang that he was involved in a plot to run for a seat in Australia’s parliament (for the “Liberal Party”) for an even $1,000,000. After coming forward to ASIO, the intelligence services in Australia, he was murdered — presumably for backing out of the deal and not wanting to do business with the CCP.

It probably doesn’t take much cash to turn a bored or confused intelligence agent working at any government agency or corporate business into an asset. When you have the resources of the CCP, along with lists of where every American work, you can selectively target those assets based on any number of variables — like financial vulnerabilities or any criminal activity — in order to bribe vulnerable targets. This is another example of “Unrestricted Warfare” employed by the CCP.

Reading through the history of the United States, in many cases, we have shown ourselves to be a forgiving nation. When compared to the other nations of the world, most of the United States is overwhelmingly fair in its dealings. The system could always be improved, but recent stories like Xuehua ‘Edward’ Peng’s tell us a story of fairness and equal dealings. For as little as $10,000-$20,000 per “drop”, Xuehua was dropping off cash and picking up ‘intelligence’ from what he thought was a confidential source. In reality, the source worked for the FBI, so our government was the source of the ‘disinformation’ they got paid cash for. Xuehua is facing a maximum of merely 10 years and/or a $250,000 fine — a light sentence for such an egregious crime. In CCP denominated China, you would be executed — or worse, sentenced to prison only to become an unwilling organ donor.

A policy that the United States government could implement is a one-time program to show leniency in sentencing for individuals who’ve conducted espionage or treasonous activities against the country and wish to come forward to provide information. I suspect it might encourage many CCP spies that are already contemplating coming forward after Wang Liqiang did. As a fair country, if there are individuals that can help us, we should always be looking to extend our good faith back to them — because the reality is, the nature of their systems and organizations are not fair like ours is.

Let’s watch how the World Bank is infiltrated by CCP with the BGY program.


Yellow is for sex.

The secrecy of the CCP is seemingly unparalleled. Thanks to Miles Guo, the foundational cultural principle— the Western belief that all men (and women, and children) are created equally — have become clear.

The CCP is an organization built on the institutionalization of theft at each level of its pyramid scheme.

Author: Halliburton.

Miles’ footage translators: GM38 and GM18
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