Australia’s former ambassador to China, Mr. Geoff Raby, wrote an article in The Australian on October 30th, criticizing Australia’s current policy towards China. On one hand, he belittles the dominant role of the United States in international affairs. On the other hand, he praised the CCP’s dictatorship.

Raby has business in China and approves the CCP

Mr. Raby served as the Australian Ambassador to China between 2007 and 2011. He is now the chairman and CEO of Geoff Raby and Associates, a Beijing-based business advisory firm. He also sits on the board of an Australian subsidiary of Chinese state-run Yanzhou Coal Mining Company.

In the article, Mr. Raby acknowledges that the CCP view human rights as second-order considerations, and that there is no rule of law in China.

While he is aware that CCP applies high-tech surveillance and censorship on its citizens, he interpreted people’s silence facing the Nazi-style oppressive rule as support for the system: “Its population [China], which accounts for one-fifth of humanity, by and large supports the system or acquiesces happily enough. “

Mr. Raby ignores the CCP’s expansion in other nations through the ‘Belt and Road program’, and instead criticizes Australia’s current foreign policy towards China as “undermining Australian national interests or Australia’s security”.

Australia’s firm position on Covid-19 origin

The call by the Australian government to investigate the origin of the Covid-19 virus had led to an embargo on Australian products by the CCP.

Overall, the Australian government has done an excellent job in taking actions to counter the CCP’s threats. This includes establishing the alliance with the Five Eyes countries, including India and Japan, to safeguard Australian security and national interests.

According to a Chinese defector from the Hong Kong P4 lab, Dr. Limeng Yan, who published two reports that reveal the truth of the Covid19, the CCP has created the virus and spread it to the world.

Australians must drain its swamp

In the United States, the government and the American people have become aware that the CCP were secretly supporting Antifa and the BLM, aiming to destroy the United States. After President Trump is re-elected, he will continue to “drain the swamp”, which include corrupted government officials who colluded with the CCP.

In comparison, Australians seem to be less cognisant of our politicians’ greed and collusion with the CCP. An article last year discussed China’s deep infiltration throughout the fabric of the Australian society, and a lack of enforcement of our foreign influence laws.

It may be that we have not found our own Trump, a leader who puts the national interest first and is not afraid of confronting the establishment – or, “the swamp”. We need a leader here who loves Australia and who is willing to take similar actions as President Trump did in the US.

We need to identify and arrest those who have been in collusion with the CCP, who put their personal greed above Australia’s national security. The CCP has become a threat to the world. Without taking down the CCP regime, Australia cannot guarantee its national security.

Author: 喜国公民

Proof-reader: XO酱