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In the past few days, as more and more evidence is gushing out of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from the hell’, the names of many well-known public figures have been thrust into the public spotlight from Hunter Biden’s salacious videos and photos and his shocking business dealings with the Biden family and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). So far there are Hollywood divas, sports legends, a former US president, politicians, and businessmen.

Here is a list of the well-known names exposed so far.

1) President Obama’s daughter Malia Obama

As shown in the photos below, Malia Obama’s credit card was used to cut cocaine, and Mr. O’s dog was in bed next to an ethnically black girl riding Hunter in a sex and drug orgy.

2) Hollywood Divas

No wonder many Hollywood mega stars are staunch supporters of Biden! They are “tied” with the Bidens!

3) Biden family incest exposed

Hunter had a sexual relationship with his sister-in-Law Hallie Biden who is the wife of his deceased brother Beau.

The diary of Ashley Biden, Joe Biden’s daughter, revealed child sex trauma, drug abuse, and resentment towards Joe Biden.

What is even more alarming and outrageous is that underage children in the Biden family are also sexually endangered, as caught on the videos as well as being mentioned by Hunter himself in his text message to Joe Biden! Mr. Rudy Giuliani has filed a police report citing “numerous pictures of underage girls” from Hunter’s laptop.

4) Liu Yifei, a Chinese-American actress

Liu Yifei gained fame from her Disney movie Mulan, although many people boycotted the movie because she publicly supported Hong Kong police for cracking down on the pro-democracy protesters in Honk Kong.

According to Lude media, the photo below is Liu lighting drugs for Hunter in bed in a private club in Beijing China. The video is in the laptop.

5) Facebook CEO Mike Zuckerburg

Zuckerburg’s name was in one of the exposed emails allegedly as a business partner with the Biden family in a deal with the CCP to extract benefits from veterans. That explains why Facebook is censoring information exposed in Hunter’s laptop.

6) President Obama

According to Lude Media, Joe Biden secretly installed a facial recognition surveillance video in the Oval Office in the White house. The CCP also paid $1 billion to the Bidens to keep President Obama silent about its militarization of the South China Sea. The video in the laptop recorded Hunter’s conversation with President Obama about this. Look at their body posture, can you tell who is the real boss, Biden or Obama?

7) Patrick Ho of Hong Kong

Patrick Ho is an intelligence operator for the CCP. He was arrested in New York and convicted of bribery and money laundering in Nov. 2017. Hunter referred to him as the “spy chief of China” and his business partner in a voice recording exposed from his laptop. So, the Biden family is fully aware that they are colluding with the CCP and its spies.

8) Jiaqi Bao

According to Lude Media, Jiaqi Bao, as shown in the photo below, was the illegitimate daughter of the CCP leader Bo Xilai who is now imprisoned by Chairman Xi Jinping as his political rival. Bao is a trained spy working for the CCP. Emails sent by Jiaqi Bao to Hunter revealed their intimate business, financial and possibly personal relationship. Lude said that Bao is now protected as a witness of the Biden family crimes.

9) Tony Bobulinski

Tony Bobulinski is a retired US Navy officer, from a family of American patriots who have served in the US Navy for generations. He was CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, a former business partner of Hunter Biden and worked with Hunter on a deal with Chinese energy company CEFC. Bobulinski has confirmed publicly on Fox News that Joe Biden is the “big guy” mentioned in the emails from Hunter’s laptop and that Joe acquired enormous amounts of money from business deals with the CCP.

10) Wang Xin

Wang Xin is the illegitimate daughter of the CCP leader Wang Qishan who Bob Bloomfield called the most influential man in China. She was also in business with the Biden family, as exposed in the emails and business & loan contracts in the laptop.

11) Zhang Bo (张博)

Zhang Bo is the man in the red tie in the photo below. Zhang in his early 30s is educated and lives in US. He is very low-key but extremely wealthy and influential among Chinese businessmen and CCP officials. He likely has a strong blood tie to Chairman Xi Jinping. His father-in-law, the governor of Hainan, is the “official” father of Xi Jinping’s illegitimate son Liu ChengJie (刘呈杰), (beneath Xi Jinping in the photo below). Zhang was assigned to look after Xi’s daughter Xi Mingze (习明泽) (in photo below on the left of Zhang Bo) while she was studying in the US and acted as Xi’s trusted delegate to peddle influence and launder money in the US.

The NBA stars LeBron James and Magic Johnson were involved with Hunter, the CCP and Zhang Bo. The email below shows that Francis Person was introducing Zhang Bo to Hunter and proposed a relationship building trip to China along with LeBron James and Magic Johnson.

Now we understand why those “woke” NBA players turned a blind eye to the grotesque human rights violations by the CCP.

While some of the videos and photos in the laptop are quite provocative and depraved, people will soon find out that the financial deals between the CCP and the Biden family, and many influential people in the US, are even more depraved.
Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell contains a myriad of evidence of the CCP’s long-standing use of corruption, money, sex, media, and drugs to gain control over influential people in the U.S. and throughout the world. And Hunter’s laptop is just the tip of the iceberg. Many US politicians, Hollywood stars, NBA and other sports figures, mainstream and social Media executives, Wall Street moguls, and many other people have been corrupted and compromised by the CCP.
The money those people have taken is from Chinese slave labour and the deplorables in the US. There are still more than 600 million people in China whose annual income is less than US $1,000. Many children in rural China still can’t go to school and suffer malnutrition.
Exposing these corrupt individuals will result in the CCP losing its control and influence over those people, and thereby weaken the party.
If you are a true patriot and freedom loving person, spread the truth and expose Joe Biden and those who are compromised by the CCP, because the media is covering up for them. Those of you who have a vote should vote like your life depends on it, because your life does depend on the result of this election.

1) All photos above are from GNews.org and GTV.org.
2) All detailed information of the persons and events exposed from Hunter’s laptop are from Lude Media daily broadcasts on YouTube from Oct 22, 2020 to Oct 30, 2020.