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As coronavirus outbreak was sweeping across America, Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted that, while most media was “downplaying’ China’s role in spreading the virus, CNN went “the extra step” to “flacking for the communist Chinese government”, becoming “emissaries for Beijing.” Chinese whistleblowers agree with Carlson – CNN reports are increasingly looking and sounding communist China. A recent CNN article targeting Dr. Li-Meng YAN explains it all.

Dr. Li-Meng YAN fled to the U.S. to speak truths on coronavirus. Her story does not match the script of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). As a defector, even the mention of her existence is treated as a national security matter in China. CCP’s published a rare article about Dr. YAN on September 18 after she had made appearances on Fox News and other international media. The article titled:

Bannon the Blackhand Behind YAN Limeng’s Fake Research

The article had no science to back up its accusation of Dr. YAN making “fake research” other than saying that Columbia University virologist Angela Rasmussen thinks Dr. YAN’s works are fabrications. In order to fit content to the title, it complains that two U.S. scholars question the relation of Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society to the report, eluding to connection with Bannon who co-founded these non-profit organizations with Miles GUO, leader of the Whistleblower Movement. The article raves about Twitter shutting down Dr. YAN’s account within two days after she had posted her first report, and that Facebook and Instagram labeled “Tucker Carlson Tonight” as “false information” the day after he took Dr. YAN on a live interview.

Dr. YAN went back online and posted a second report on October 8 titled “SARS-CoV-2 is an Unrestricted Bioweapon”. About two weeks later, on October 21, CNN published an reinforced version of the China story, perfectly in line with the CCP direction, it is titled:

Weird science: How a ‘shoddy’ Bannon-backed paper on coronavirus origins made its way to an audience of millions

The article quotes the same Columbia University virologist among few others to gather quotes that Dr. YAN’s research is “junk science”, “leaps of logic” and “window dressing” for the purpose of spreading “political propaganda”, though none of them went into scientific reasoning. The article largely duplicates the China story section regarding big-tech Twitter and Facebook censoring Dr. YAN, using their censorship to justify Dr. YAN’s work being false rather than through scientific analysis. In order to show its investigative journalism strength, CNN goes on to complain that Dr. YAN’s “SARS-CoV-2 is an Unrestricted Bioweapon” bears “a strong resemblance to blogs first published on G News”.

CNN. Four writers on the article. Half-dozen experts from multiple institutions interviewed. No one did his homework.

Firstly, it is not G News. It is GNEWS, where whistleblowers break on stories such as SARS-CoV-2 and BIDEN hard drive ahead of mainstream media.

Secondly, the writings from GNEWS are works by Dr. YAN. CNN accuses Dr. YAN for plagiarizing her own work.

The value of a science paper is not judged by the funding agency but its scientific data and arguments. The National Natural Science Foundation of China publishes thousands of false research papers each year. CNN never reports on China’s government organized academic dishonesty but tries to beat down Dr. YAN who risks her life to smash CCP lies on the virus. The three co-author scientists publish under pseudonyms to protect their families in China. On the path to speak truth, she is proud to acknowledge Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society for their commitment in bringing transparency, fairness and democracy in China.

The CCP financially supports U.S. media through proxies and requires in return coverage that complies with CCP’s thoughts. It is looking for help to defame Dr. YAN. Out of science, out of words, the Party’s internal media News References reuses the CNN article, in a way the Chinese say as “to refry the cold rice”, as if trying to convince the world that CNN is part of its Grand Overseas Propaganda scheme, in that case, CNN stands for CCP News Network.

Dr. YAN has a new report coming out. It will coach the CNN writers and experts how to read her research works. Here is a message – CNN, for your own name sake, do your diligence before making further comments.

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