The resignation of Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept over concerns about having his own articles (critical of Former Vice President Joe Biden) censored on the platform he helped to start, is the fundamental reason GNEWS exists. Below is an important excerpt from his interview yesterday with Joe Rogan where in no uncertain terms, he buries James Clapper under a pile of evidence related to notorious Senate testimony in which he lied directly to Congress.

The thing that made Snowden finally commit, the last kind of the straw that broke his back as it were, was when James Clapper — President Obama’s Senior National Security Official — he ran the entire National Security Apparatus as the Director of National Intelligence went before the Senate and was asked explicitly:

“Does the U.S. government, does the NSA collect dossiers and tons of information on millions of Americans”

and he [James Clapper] looked at the Senator who asked him that and said

“No sir not wittingly”

Glenn continues:

That’s a crime

That’s a felony just to lie to the Senate, let alone to do it — and not only was James Clapper never prosecuted, he was never fired, he served out his term as President Obama’s Senior National Security Official and you know where he works now? He works at CNN, disseminating the news to the American public after he got caught fucking lying about the most important question he’s ever been asked…

Joe Rogan Experience #1556 – Glenn Greenwald

His resignation article is available for review here: