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The Hosts Dr. Bo, Dr. Guan, Leo and William talked about the “BGY programme – Yellow “by Chinese Communist Party to continue yesterday’s topic.

“Yellow” in “BGY program” of Chinese Communist Party’s strategy stands for corruption and control by means of using beautiful women, so as to have the target keep silent. This metaphor comes from the skin colour of some Asian people. In Chinese yellow has meaning of sexual activities. A porn movie is called “yellow movie” in Chinese. The “Y” (Yellow) is one of the most effective and dangerous way used by CCP to make targeted western elites to do what CCP expect, followed by blackmail, CCP keep control and force the target to obey them.

Like all CCP’s crimes, program Y doesn’t go straightforward, instead, it starts with innocent and happy entertainment. It’s quite common in many economic and open cities in China nowadays, an invitation, warmup welcome, entertainment become part of the business’s activates. After a formal and stressful business meeting, a following dinner, karaoke could stir up the relaxation. CCP arrange the situations with prostitutes, a sexual spy actually, to accompany the guest (targeted person) for invitation, dinner to set up personal and closer relationship with the guest, after drinking, singing, as well as intimate and “drunk accident” the guest is seduced and the program Y is implemented. This program is carefully planned in advance as cameras have already been installed where the person was as well as in the hotel if he is willing to continue funs with the prostitute. After that everything captured will be recorded and kept by CCP for blackmail in the future.

For some VIP guests, like Hunter Biden who receives special upper scale treatment, a famous celebrity or actress is arranged as a spy to fulfill the task. She is usually trained professionally, in good foreign language as a prerequisite, to achieve higher goal of CCP. Hunter Biden got special treatment as he is the son of Vice President of America Joe Biden. Provided with an exclusive luxury club, a famous beautiful actress that very few men can access, he could easily take the bait.

Most dangerous and important, CCP study and learn a person and his or her weakness very well, they use strategy to attack the weakest point of people, and that’s how Hunter Biden and Biden’s whole family was deeply trapped in the crime.

As many American and western people have their religion and hold the value and beliefs of integrity, family, etc., they are reluctant to be corrupted by money (“G”), therefore, CCP use the program “Y”, or a combination of the whole program to attack good people.  As US secretary Mike Pompeo spoke to all US governors in several meetings, “we are around infiltration, or penetration from CCP, lots of people compromised”, CCP corrupt all level of politician with the program BGY. Once the targeted person took the bait and engaged the wrongdoing, the footage of the video as an evidence has been controlled by CCP to make further blackmail.

Under the BGY program, both the targeted person and the bait spy have no choices to escape. As a woman who was obliged in the dirty work, like an actress, a celebrity, she can only end either in a high profile position, or out of people’s attention as her career is collaped. As a targeted person, usually western politician, businessman, elite who has influences, once threatened by the footage CCP recorded, he has to obey what CCP asks together under program “G”, lots of money and interests been provided. Otherwise, no collaboration will be returned with bad reputation or more damages.  This is how Joe Biden family went into crimes step by step. CCP becomes an ultimate ruler to control and destroy people and the society. 

What does CCP expect from the politician or celebrity? Their influences to exchange the interests for CCP to reach their evil goal, no matter if it’s against morality, rule of law or even the country’s interest. For instance, after China was assisted by Biden government to join WTO in 2001, China became the centre of manufacture of the world. With low labour cost and brutal CCP regime, they exploit high tax, despite of people’s lives, rule of law, democracy, freedom, CCP accumulated huge amount of wealth and made money laundry back to western world, the wall street, and many people like “Biden”. These people use their influences to sell America’s interests, national security to facilitate CCP to purchase American companies and obtain the technology and intellectual property. After that CCP use the technology to build own companies. This is like black holes to suck in all American jobs. 

From national security to humanity crisis as the minor sex abuse being exposed, we couldn’t imagine where could the world go towards led by CCP with 1.4 billion Chinese slaves if Joe Biden, or anyone else who being completely controlled by CCP works as an American president or a government officer. It’s only the end of humanity. This is very serious. 

CCP has successfully created materialistic culture and extended it to the western world. CCP controlled people’s mind, they built firewall around China to brain wash Chinese people, they infiltrate into western media, brain wash people in U.S., Europe, Japan and everywhere, to fulfil their evil plan to take over the world. Chinese people live like zombies with no free mind or freedom of speech, but they don’t know they live in the hell. Like what Dr. Li-Meng Yan has said, the only way to eliminate the pandemic CCP Virus and save the lives of Chinese lao-bai-xing (old hundred name of ground humble) is to Take Down The CCP. 

➠➠BGY program is only part of CCP’s scheme. The dark future VS light future is in front of us. Everyone is involved in the fight from light and darkness, from justice and devil.  As Whistleblower Movement fellows, knowing this clearly, we are to think about how to stop it. 

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