Author: 庚子灭共(文瑞) Editor: 孔雀

Netizens living in Communist China invent witty new words to outsmart the censorship, for example, “TG” for CCP because the two letters look like the communism hammer and sickle, “Harmonized” for information being censored, “50 Cent” for people who are paid to spread propaganda, “Over the wall” for circumventing the Great Firewall with VPN. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is introducing “Newspeak”, a speaking manner that is deemed correct with Party-approved language, to further control people’s minds. China is George Orwell’s 1984 in real-time.

China has been ranking lowest on the Freedom on the Net annual report among 65 countries, scoring only 10 out of 100 points, for six consecutive years. The CCP suppression on information goes back way longer than six years. A regime insecure of its legitimacy, it has been fearful of free expression since nascence. The so-called legacy of the CCP’s selfless fighting for the proletarian, justice, peace, and national esteem is mostly composed of lies. In the 70 years since it took power, the CCP has deprived the world’s largest population of their rights to freedom of information and expression.

In Mao’s era, people could be arrested, put through years of hard labor or even executed for listening to overseas shortwave radio or reading unauthorized books. Into the 21st century, facing rapid changes in technology, the CCP becomes more vigilant than ever to suppress information. It is surfing high on waves of information science to be used not for encouraging freedom of expression but controlling it. The once “paramount leader” of China Deng Xiaoping, who set forth China’s “opening to the world” policy in 1980s, then envisioned that “If you open the window, both fresh air and flies will be blown in”, indicating that tough measures be needed to ward off Western influences that may endanger the CCP political stability.  

That explains why while having slick highrise buildings sprouting on the one hand, the Great Firewall (GFW) project on the other. The purpose of the Great Firewall is to stiffen internet censorship in China by blocking access to selected foreign websites, slowing down cross-border internet traffic, limiting access to foreign information sources and foreign internet tools, e.g Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and mobile apps, and requiring foreign companies comply to domestic regulations if they wish to operate in China. The compromises they must make include disclosing consumer data and privacy to the CCP. The Chinese Internet Police force was established in 2005, tasked for guiding the public discussion, erasing “improper” comments and information on the internet, enforcing as said by General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party XI Jinping “Internet is not a lawless place”.

As Steve Bannon on Warroom Pandemic commented about the big-tech companies like Twitter and Facebook that censor news regarding the BIDEN scandal – the more you block it, the more people want to know. Netizens behind CCP’s Great Firewall long for true information and help one another to circumvent the Firewall. With the help of VPN, many of them join the Whistleblower Movement, transmitting information across the Firewall.

As part of CCP’s unrestricted warfare strategy, information warfare goes beyond China border. Through information control, money, and sex bribery, the tactics coded BGY (Blue, Gold, Yellow), CCP has managed to inconspicuously take western mainstream media and big tech social media companies under control. Take the BIDEN case as an example. While you are reading this article:

• Mainstream media and big-tech social media are silent on BIDEN’s scandal.

• Twitter is blocking and shutting accounts that show interest in the Whistleblower Movement posted information on BIDEN family crimes.

• Facebook has six Chinese nationals working in the censorship department, blocking truths but letting CCP “50 Cent” cyber soldiers to spread CCP propaganda.

• Type “Biden Lost Election” in Google translate, what you will see in Chinese translation is “Biden runs for re-election”.

• Whistleblower Movement’s media channels, GNews, GTV, Lude Media, are under constant attack.

The BIDEN family sold-out American interests to the CCP. The BIDEN type has invited the CCP style censorship to the land of the free and home of the brave.

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