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Today, Lude Media revealed that the photo that featured President Barack Obama and Hunter Biden released yesterday, was a screenshot from a surveillance video in the White House. Joe Biden carried out the surveillance of the conversation between his son, Hunter Biden, and then President of the United States, Barack Obama.

The surveillance video was found in Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell”. The date of the photo was April 4th, 2016. Three days prior, on April 1st , President Xi Jinping of China was attending the 2016 Nuclear Security Submit together with other UN nation leaders.

Obama’s $1 billion deal to look away from China’s military activities

In the Lude Media episode, it was revealed that Hunter Biden proposed to President Obama a potential deal from President Xi: the US was to look away from China’s military activities in exchange for $1 billion.

Before April 2016, the prevailing international issue was China’s maligned intention to build Military Island in the South China Sea.

According to an article back in March 2016, Xi hastily arranged a meeting on the sidelines of the Nuclear Summit to discuss “area of disagreement” on topics including the South China Sea. The article quoted a testimony from the Senate Armed Services Committee that “China is clearly militarizing the South China Sea”, and reported that China has ignored complaints from the US and regional allies over its taking over uninhabited reefs and island chains for building military islands.  

Obama’s surveillance video was provided to the CCP

Lude Media exposed that according to evidence from Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop from Hell’, Joe Biden sent out the surveillance video to a representative of the Chinese Communist Party. Within 26 hours after this video was sent out, the reward of $1 billion was received by Hunter Biden’s business associate.

In addition, Lude Media exposed that the actual sum that President Obama received from this deal was a small proportion of the $1 billion, and that the Secret Service was involved in retrieving the surveillance video that Joe Biden eventually sent to President Xi. The purpose of this surveillance video was clearly to blackmail Barack Obama for the rest of his presidency and after his presidential term.

More disturbing sex videos featuring Hunter Biden and underage girl released

Screenshot from Gtv.org

Also today, a Gateway Pundit report revealed a series of text messages that show that Joe Biden and his wife was not only aware of Hunter Biden’s sexual behaviour with underage girls, but helped suppress it.

It is unclear whether the underage girl referred to in the Bidens’ text messages is related to the underage girl appearing in the sex videos released today.

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