On 26 October 2016, Lude Media unveiled the story behind above picture exposed by, an anti-CCP social media platform.

The picture was token inside oval office of the white house on 4 April 2016. Mr. Obama, the president of U.S at the time, was talking to Mr. Hunter Biden, the son the Joe Hunter, the vice president at the same time. Mr. Hunter Biden looked more like a boss talking to his staff. While Obama, the President, stood closely to Hunter with his head looking down.

Lude emphasized that the timing of the meeting was very crucial to help readers to understand the picture. On 31 Mar 2016 local time, President Xi from China met with Obama at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The recent intelligence leaked from Hunter Biden’s laptop has proved that Hunter was compromised and fully controlled by CCP since 2013 or even earlier. What have been discussed between Hunter and Obama?

Furthermore, from the gestures of these two men, they probably did not know that their images were taken at the time. Question is, who has the capability of taking photos secretly in the White House? Lude got intelligence that Joe Biden was one made the unbelievable happened.

Lude revealed more shocking inside story regarding the meeting agenda between Obama and Hunter. Hunter was presenting an offer to Obama on behalf of the CCP. CCP offered US$1 billion to buy Obama’s silence on China’s construction of its military base in the South China sea.

Hunter was busy getting the deal for the CCP, and his vice-president father Joe Biden was busy recording the conversation as an evidence to close the deal. Later on, Hunter managed to get a copy of such evidence since his relationship with his father is more of a business partner.

Biden family call Mr. Obama, the big O. Now the big O is probably feeling bad about campaigning for Biden in Orlando on 20 Oct 20. And the world will soon know more about how these corrupt and compromised traitor politicians collude with CCP.