My twitter account has been blocked after I retweeted a news from Gateway pundit below, as the website stated in an update news one hour later, The Gateway Pundit was first to post on this video — the first to be released — of Hunter Biden from his laptop from hell. DID NOT post any photos or video of nudity or of anyone but Hunter Biden from the video.

Thousands of Lude media’s followers’ twitter accounts also were blocked or suspended by twitter. This is the second day of the Ultimate Battle of the whistleblowers movement against CCP. exposed a loan agreement between Hunter Biden with the CEO of Bohai RST (xijinping’s company, check Gnews article “if it is not corruption”) on the day one of the Ultimate Battle.

Since 24/10/2020 5:00pm, anti-CCP free social media platform GTV.ORG has released several highly sensitive photos and video clips. Some GTV channels have unveiled the names of the characters in those photos and video clips.  The male character is Mr. Hunter Biden, the girl is his niece Natalie Biden. Another woman in one of the photos could be his sister-in-law Hallie Biden (her wedding ring on left hand provides the hint). All these sex photos and tapes were recorded between 2017 and 2018 with locations on the screen showing somewhere in the United States.

One American news report the breaking news on 24/10/2020 under the title of “Hunter Biden’s inappropriate sex activities with a 14-years-old girl, his niece, and the daughter of hunter’s dead brother”. White house correspondent Chanel Rion confirmed that the girl is Hunter’s family member Natalie Biden. The news article has also quoted Mr. Rudy Giuliani’s interview in Newsmax, during which Mr. Giuliani disclosed that in a text message from Hunter Biden to his father Joe Biden, he admit that he has caused a unsafe environment to the kid. GTV ‘s host David of Himalaya England told his audience in his live show that Chinese communist party has gotten on hold Biden family’s incest over 10 years ago. CCP has set Hunter Biden and Joe Biden  as their target and used sex and money as bait to get them, recorded those sex and drug-taking videos and photos. CCP is holding those evidence as ransom to force Biden family to betray the U.S and the American people and compromise its country’s security, to cooperate with  CCP’s world domination.

All the Biden sex photos and tapes can be reviewed at More photo and video clips will be exposed at in the coming 11 days, right before U.S election date 3/11/2020. The video put thanks on the screen to Mr Zhicheng Jiang (Alvin) and Mr. Bruno Wu. Alvin is the grandson of former Chinese president Jia Zeming, Mr. Bruno Wu is a double agent working for both China and USA.

These names are now turned into sensitive words at all Chinese Internet. Obviously, the top two power represented by Mr Jiang Zemin and Mr Xi Jinping are fighting fiercely on the stage now! Whistleblowers movement is the ultimate power which is leading the newly established New Federal state of China with a commitment to build a new China as bellow:

Let’s the truth be spread all over the world.

Let all sin and crime exposed under the Sun.

Get ready for it! Twitter can block our accounts, but the truth will never be hidden longer. Truth will choose it own patch to come out the world.