In January 2005, associates of HUNTER established Rosemont Capital. These associates were Chris Heinz, and Devon Archer, who were roommates at Yale University. The firm was named after a Heinz family farm, and the capital was from HEINZ, heir to the Heinz food processing empire, and step-son of John Kerry, a former Yale graduate who at the time was the senator from Massachusetts.

In September 2007, associates of HUNTER established Thornton, which acted as a government relations consultant in the US and China. These associates were James Bulger, the son of long-term Massachusetts senator William Bulger (and nephew of organized crime boss James Bulger), and Michael Lin, aka LIN Chun Liang, a Taiwanese born investment banker who also studied at Yale, worked in Boston, New York and then China. Thornton was founded with David Callahan and Vincent Barletta as partners to LIN and BULGER.

In September 2008, HUNTER officially ended his lobbying work for all clients. In the same

month, he founded Seneca Global Advisors, ‘a boutique consulting firm’ that ‘helps small and

Mid-sized companies expand into markets in the U.S. and other countries.’

In June 2009, BIDEN co-founded Rosemont Seneca with ARCHER and HEINZ.

By 2012, HUNTER, BULGER and ARCHER were already ensconced with the Chinese government (ruled by the CCP) and its key financial institutions. Furthermore, the Chinese foreign minister at the time YANG Jie Chi knew BIDEN from his time in Washington and LIN maintains clients under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Thornton clients.

On 16 December 2013, a week after the BIDEN and HUNTER visit to Beijing, BHR was incorporated in Shanghai, with its registered address in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, according to State Market Regulatory Administration <SMRA> records.

On October 23, 2017, HUNTER purchased 10% of BHR (via his investment vehicle

Skaneateles LLC) and was a director until April 20, 2020, according to SMRA records. Previously, he has invested via other holding companies. Also, the original owner of the US stake in BHR was Rosemont, Seneca Thornton, LLC with a 30% shareholding.

One Chinese partner of BHR (hold 30% shares), Bohai Industrial Investment (Bohai) is key to understanding the importance of this deal. Bohai is technically a state-owned enterprise (SOE), a specific type of corporate registration. The financial strength of Bohai comes primarily from its collection of national level SOE financials specifically Bank of China, China Postal Bank, China Development Bank, and the National Social Security.

These are some of the most politically important SOE’s and financial institutions in China. The Ministry of Finance has a majority direct or indirect stake in almost each case and all are centrally owned. Each has clear mandates from the central government in a range of areas such as BoC playing the dominant role in foreign exchange clearing and settlement leading them more into international markets, China Postal serves rural customers, and China Development being one of the three banks official policy banks.

Not only is each individual financial institution, politically important, a fact not lost on officials and investors, but it also speaks to the specific attempt by the official China to work with the princelings of key US public officials.

While we do not have specific documentation proving this, based upon well-known Chinese business practice, it seems highly unlikely this influence operation and business deal was not approved at a senior political level given the nature of working with the sons of two highly placed American officials and the historical relationships of Chinese political figures with their fathers.

As a one of the Chinese working class who still living in the mainland, the editor feels this investigation is completely shocking but highly reasonable. The CCP uses blood money from the paupers and making deals with the corrupt US politicians who are chasing the power to rule the greatest country in the world. Please get back the justice and find out the truth, read the full report of investigation via: