Quote: Lude Media

Hunter Biden’s “Hard Disk Gate” continues to ferment, and more and more information is disclosed. It contains a lot of extreme porn videos. These are not ordinary porn videos, but videos of sexual abuse of young children. Investigators who have watched these videos said that these are things from hell.

One of the videos is that Hunter Biden used his 9.5-inch genitals to continuously poke a girl’s vagina after taking drugs. This little girl looks only about 10 years old and is a Chinese girl. In the video, the little girl’s lower body continued to bleed, and the little girl kept screaming, terribly. These videos will be released to the public after the face and key parts are blurred. You can see the girl’s hands and feet, as well as hear the girl’s cry.

These exposed videos are only the tip of the iceberg of evidence of the Biden family’s crimes, but they can give a glimpse of how the CCP used extreme sexual bribery to control Western politicians. Those young children who were mutilated as sex slaves are not isolated cases. Every year, a large number of children disappear in China, and there are countless cases of human trafficking. Children’s orphanages throughout China are actually markets for trafficking in children. The scandal of sexual assault and molestation in “red, yellow and blue” kindergartens that broke out earlier in Chinese online media has also disappeared. (This kindergarten is listed in the United States and is directly led by Meng Jianzhu, a high-level CCP) This is a systematic national-level crime chain involving many national political figures, business celebrities, media tycoons, Hollywood stars… This is not just about sex crimes, in fact, The CCP uses this as a handle to control the world’s power figures and make the world surrender to the CCP’s rule.

The world we live in has actually been shrouded in darkness. Every ordinary person, every civilian, must wake up in time and not be deceived by the “Trumen world” weaved by the mainstream media. The democratic world has been completely infiltrated and corrupted by the CCP. People in the democratic world must realize that your home is no longer a safe home. If we ignore every current victim, every one of us will become a slave to the CCP soon.