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On Lude Press YouTube show last night, one more name was revealed on the evidence of the raping of young children, besides Hunter Biden, and that is the current Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. It is alleged that secretively recorded videos of sexual abusing of minors by both men were found on the hard drive.

Lude Press alleged that the laptop supposedly left by Hunter Biden for repair at a Delaware computer repair shop contains videos of not only Hunter Biden raping a 10-year Chinese girl offered by the CCP, but also Steve Mnuchin‘s sexual acts on a minor. Such secret recordings by the CCP ensure who will own these politicians, thus their countries, in the future.

Lude and the Whistleblowers Movement have long revealed that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had systematic plan to control foreign leaders who became important in politics, industries and other fields around the world.  And they did so by using the so-call BGY tactic, the “Y” of which refers to the offering of sex and/or child sexual abuse.  The CCP has thousands of video files secretly recorded of these foreigners from the Western civilization. Their intention is too obvious to be mistaken. 

Mnuchin, with a successful career on Wall Street, has a long history of collaborating with the CCP, manipulating stock markets with essentially unlimited funds provided by CCP’s Ping An Insurance Group, profiting for both CCP kleptocrats and himself, and helping the CCP exercising political control in the US and around the world. 

During his service in the President Trump administration, Mnuchin not only used his power as Treasury Secretary, but also his control of Wall Street to counter Trump’s plan to modify trade relationship with the CCP to bring jobs back to America.  On several critically decisive moments in that regards, Mnuchin successfully deterred Trump’s action on the CCP by causing the stock market to crash or making it sharply rise, which prevented Trump from taking actions against the CCP. One such example was that Mnuchin successfully prevented Trump from fully decoupling with Hong Kong financially around the time when China enforced the National Security Law in that region. 


English Interpretation of the Lu De Press Webcast: (tip on looking for this link: look for the following Chinese characters路德#薄家#亨特拜登#美国情报总监#朱利安尼#平安银行#川普总统, starting around minute 45)

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