The main content of LUDE Media’s morning live broadcast on October 18, 2020 was focused on the exclusive interview of Bannon with Revolver News. Bannon made it clear that he knew about the existence of Hunter’s hard drives as early as July, and pointed out that the CCP, Russia, and Iran all have copies of the hard drives. In addition, Rudy Giuliani disclosed on Bannon’s Warroom that direct evidences of Biden’s corruption will be made public ten days before the November election.

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Bannon revealed more details of the “Hard Drive Gate” during his interview with Revolver News [1]:

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During the Interview, Bannon Revealed More Shocking Details of the “Hard Drive Gate”:

  1. Bannon knew the existence of the hard drives as early as July 
  2. The computer repairman delivered a copy of the hard drives to a lawyer of former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani
  3. Bannon was brought into the project and “worked up and executed the roll out plan” of the information in the hard drives 
  4. Bannon clarified again Joe Biden is a “a liar, a fraud, and compromised by Chinese cash” 
  5. The President must “must confront the director of the FBI on why the information housed on this hard drive was not moved on immediately” 
  6. The CCP, Russian Intel, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Intel Services all have a copy of the hard drives 

LUDE Media disclosed in previous live broadcasts that Hunter Biden’s lawyer asked the computer repairman for the hard drives back and their communication has been retrieved as evidence by Mr. Giuliani. Giuliani commented on Warroom about the monitoring of communications for people who endanger the national security according to the “FISA Act” [2]. And the President can fully monitor those involved in the case in accordance with the FISA Act and PATRIOT Act [3]. The Biden family’s corruption has surpassed the level of criminal law to even threaten the national security. It is completely legal for communication monitoring in accordance of such acts. Obama monitored President Trump’s phone calls during the “Russiagate.” 

The CCP, Russia, and Iran All Have a Copy of the Hard Drives

Lude and An Hong also mentioned that Bannon’s comments on “The CCP, Russian Intel, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Intel Services” owning a copy of the hard drives. Therefore, if Biden becomes president, he will continue his collusion with the CCP, Russia and Iran to sell America. These countries will definitely use Biden’s black material, as a threat to profit from it. Back then, the most important reason that Xi could eliminate some senior CCP’s high officials quickly was because he had access to their overseas family maps and capital maps. Senior CCP officials have placed their lives in the United States. In fact, the CCP is most afraid of the United States, because a large number of family funds and children are in the US. The senior CCP officials all have placed their families and money in the US. In fact, the CCP fears the US the most because they have huge amount of family funds and their children are in the US.

LUDE Media Exposed a 64-Page Report on Biden’s Corruption [4]

The report details all the information about Biden’s interactions with the CCP since the beginning of his political career. In 1979, 36-year-old Biden visited China as a new generation leader and had contact with Deng Xiaoping. The following picture shows the PRC’s Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and Biden have known each other for decades.

In addition, the report also disclosed in detail how the Biden family have been colluding with various high-level CCP officials and described in detail the political and business economic network and corruption chain. It mentioned many companies well-known by BIAs, such as Peking University Founder Group, HNA Group, and Bohai Capital. Mr. Miles Guo has been exposing these companies that are completely controlled by the CCP since 2017. The CCP has been using these companies to carry out BGY operations overseas. At the same time, Mr. Miles Guo has been mentioned Yang Jiechi (Yang Niangniang) as the most important figure who has been playing a vital role in the CCP-US collusions. Yang Jiechi has been cultivating his network in the US for many years. He has not only conducted lobbying activities in the US, but also used the CCP’s overseas enterprises and various forces to carry out the BGY operations against the senior American officials.

Download the report and read for more information: 

As the Election approaches in the US, more and more information about the Biden family’s corruption will be revealed, and the CCP’s ugly face will also be further exposed. More information will surely shock the US and the world. Each of us BIAs has the responsibility to spread the truth and see the evil nature of the CCP. We believe, in the end, justice will defeat evil!



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