On September 30, 2020, an open letter was issued by the families of the victims of the Lamma ferry collision, which took place on October 1, 2012. 

The letter asks the Hong Kong authorities to reveal the truth behind the tragic collision that claimed 39 lives and do justice as had been promised.

It is revealed that after 8 years, the police investigation remains unfinished. Owing to the incomplete the police report, death certificates cannot be issued to the victims. Without any concrete answer, the authorities forced their families to “let go and move on”. 

8 years since their family members had passed away, the bereaved familes are still waiting for the truth they rightly deserved to be revealed.

In the latest open letter, the families demanded a thorough investigation of the cause of the collision, a full disclosure of the report and the conviction of the marine officers involved.

Every year, friends and families of the victims mourned at the Central Ferry Pier, where the fatal ferry had never arrived, bringing with them flowers and paper offerings.  

For the first time after 8 years, on Oct 1, 2020, police interrupted the mournin and ordered the saddened families to “stop acting” and disperse.  

Police officers even removed right away the families’ offerings to the deceased, causing an elderly burst into tears and faint on the scene.  

Regardless, the police continued their action and fined the bereaved families for breaching the gathering ban.         

Source: Citizens News; HKGolden