Basics A. Summary of the second season

Let’s summarize the second season first. In that season, we presented some systematic views and understandings that are the basis of our entire excavation work. It consists mainly of the following.

A. In terms of the content, pay attention to the time span and consider the underlying intent and reasons for the CCP’s actions. Pay attention to particular time points in time and key changes.

B. The emergence of the CCP virus as a biochemical genetic weapon was not coincidental; the CCP virus definitely did not arise naturally, but originated from a CCP laboratory.

C. The use of ABC as a strategic weapon for strategic decisive war against the United States is a collective decision of the organization. The underlying cause is the organization’s departure in values from the civilized world represented by the United States. Its evil nature and ambition to plunder wealth inevitably lead to an eventual strategic showdown with the United States. This strategy was carried out after June 4, 1989, by the Shanghai Gang, represented by Jiang Zemin, following in the footsteps of the previous generation of leaders, including Deng Xiaoping. The way it is implemented is by extracting wealth through the pretext and means of national economic development. Stealing U.S. science and technology by means of national openness, economic and cultural exchanges. Thus concentrating economic and scientific strength on the development of strategic military facilities and weapons based on information technology and represented by high technology. The means and methods of dueling are positioned as The Unrestricted War.

D. The core promoters of this strategy are the university system represented by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Peking University & Tsinghua University. And the controllers are the Shanghai Gang. Through this strategy, the high-tech control of the military, the state, wealth, and power is accomplished, thus achieving the strategic mission of perpetuating the empire, wealth, and family prosperity.

E. BGY and 3F plans against the US show their hideous face. The BGY are means and methods, and the 3Fs are goals. Both plans are concrete programs for implementation and action, and have already occurred.

F. The CCP virus is only one virus in the development of the “ABC” strategic weapon; the CCP has many more weapons and viruses. The development of the CCP virus as the ultimate biochemical weapon began with SARS in 2003 and took shape in 2016. Its main domestic developer is the P3 Laboratory, the State Key Laboratory of Virology at Wuhan University. The ultimate receiver of the virus weapon was the P4 lab at the Wuhan Virus Institute. The real managers of the P4 lab are military civilians with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences as the core unit.

G. The development of the CCP virus and the “ABC” strategic weapon employed almost the entire core scientific research capacity of the Chinese Communist State. The implementation and deployment of national projects, such as the “Knowledge Innovation Project”, deliberately blurs the line between civilian and military use and conceals the truth in order to confuse the international community, mainly the United States, and to fool the public internally.

H. The super-team for the development and delivery of biological and chemical weapons of the CCP virus is an international team. Its implementation has been under way since 2003 or even earlier. At its core are the France-China Foundation and the French Pasteur institution system.

I. The strategic stockpile of biological and chemical weapons of the CCP virus is very large. Not only does it have the largest stockpile of viral strains, but it also has a long-term stockpile of experimental animals, laboratory and other hardware conditions, R&D software, basic databases, and biomedical personnel.

Each of these points is the key conclusion of the digging and analysis conducted in the second season.

Basic Work B. The Importance of Understanding the CCP’s Viral Strategy

The reason why the importance of understanding the CCP’s viral strategy is emphasized again in the basic work of the third season is because the “P4 Laboratory Season 2” reveals that ABC weapon (nuclear weapons, biological weapons, and chemical weapons) ,at the beginning, is a national strategic weapon chosen by CCP for a strategic decisive battle against the United States. This decision was made by the collective decision of the first and second generation of the CCP. The third generation of leaders represented by Jiang Zemin passed the militarization of all national economic strategies, and the unrestricted warfare ideology to implement it. In other words, the CCP virus did not happen by accident, it was not the personal behavior of a mad scientist and political ambitionist, and it was even less likely to have occurred through a laboratory leak. It is safe to say that the development of ABC weapons is aimed at the United States.

Only by understanding and attaching great importance to this point, that is, paying close attention to the fact that the strategic goal of the Chinese Communist Party’s ABC weapons must be the United States, can we clarify the logic and the essential core of the practice in various plans such as the “Blue-Gold-Sex Plan”, “3F Plan” and ” 1,000 Talents Plan” , also see the essence of CCP virus, fentanyl, Beidou project, 5G, firewall, various overseas associations, societies, foundations, and Confucius Institutes.

Therefore, the national military strategy of “Informatization-based ABC high-tech development strategic weapon in three steps” formulated by Jiang Zemin during his tenure as the chairman of the Military Commission is the core goal and foundation of the Season Three. On this basis, we searched for clues and discovered a lot of information and jaw-dropping facts. And the logic behind these facts and the paths revealed have once again verified the accuracy of the information content of Mr. Guo Wengui’s breaking news. Therefore, we have reason to believe that Jiang Zemin’s postponement of the chairmanship of the Military Commission is not just a power struggle. It seems that it is more a collective decision of the organization to ensure the realization of the strategic goal of CCP and a smooth transition to the command power of the decisive battle against the United States. Of course, we do not deny that there is a contention of power struggle, because if it do not fight for power and do not fight internally, it will not be the real CCP.

At this great moment that determines the destiny of the entire human race, we are glad to see our beautiful hero scientist appeared in front of the camera. We firmly believe that the emergence of Mr.Guo Wengui, Hong Kong warrior, Mr.Hao Haidong, Mrs.Ye Zhaoying, and the hero scientist is just the beginning, because justice must win, darkness will eventually disperse.

Let us conclude with the sincere smile of the beautiful hero scientist:

Picture text:Yan Li-Meng said this in an interview with Fox News on July 10, 2020

“This has nothing to do with politics, it is related to whether all mankind can survive!!!”

Everything has begun.

Stay tuned next time.

This article ends.

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