6. Everything has begun

We put the final preface of this season at the end, and once again pay tribute to our beautiful hero scientist with this prologue excavation article.

“P4 Lab Series Season 3” General Preface

Eleven excavating survey articles for DT Excavating Team’s “P4 Lab Series Season 2” have been launched.

Here, the DT excavator first thanks the justice scientists for their participation and interpretation. Without their participation and patience, DT cannot understand the abstract terms and the truth and secret hidden behind the technology. At the same time, I would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in the translation of the second season, because the difficulty of the translation work in the second season and the heavy of the task are unprecedented. I would also like to thank Mr. Miles Kwok and brothers-and-sisters in arms of the Whistleblowers Movement. Thanks to the Warriors of Hong Kong. It is Mr. Miles Kwok and the Whistleblowers Movement and the Warriors of Hong Kong who gave the DT excavating team the courage, confidence and inspiration for the CCP virus excavating. Finally, I would like to thank the kind Americans for their kindness and friendship towards the Chinese people. Thank you America, the Son of God.

The conception of “P4 Lab Series Season 3” was actually completed during the work of the second season. In the discussion with justice scientists, we have gradually clarified that there are only eleven articles from the second season. It is not enough to reveal the truth of the P4 laboratory; this is just a tip of the iceberg. Its follow-up work not only includes the outreach we forecasted in the second season, but also mainly based on the huge excavating data we have, continue to sort out and interpret, and deeply excavate the process of CCP virus generation and use. The secret behind the P4 laboratory. In this season, our justice scientists still work together with the DT excavator team to explain in detail some of the esoteric biomedical terms, concepts, and technical issues involved.

The system built by the Chinese Communist Party for 99 years and kleptocrating the country for more than 60 years,this is too huge to be said clearly in one season or two. This requires the DT team to invest time and experience to excavate continuously, so it is unclear how many seasons there are, and can only say “Everything has begun!”.

In the second season, DT has stated that all the information excavated comes from public Internet data queries, meaning that DT does not have and does not use internal intelligence, but only systematically sorts, statistics,interpret and analyzes these public data. Of course, to verify the authenticity of these materials is not DT’s job. Based on this, all DT’s inferences and conclusions can be taken by the reader as a story, or they can be regarded as the facts and truths that have happened, and they can be logically judged and verified by themselves. Its impact, DT excavating team does not take any responsibility.

Of course, the excavation work of the DT excavating team is very valuable. Its value is to sort out the thinking path of CCP for strategic actions and layout, that is, to strip the thinking logic essence of CCP’s evil behavior, and to understand this essence CCP evil devil is not terrible. “Know yourself, know your enemy and win every battle”, in the process of combating CCP, many brothers-and-sisters in arms and many institutions and countries are facing a “black box” to CCP. On this point, DT may have to talk more. The so-called “black box” means that you don’t understand it, and results in fear and hesitation and wrong judgment. Mr. Miles Kwok said that “the truth break everything” is the way to solve this problem and crack the “black box”.

The decisive battle between the civilized society represented by the United States and CCP is essentially an information war. The purpose of CCP to build a firewall using blue-gold-sex means is to create this “black box”, to create an information asymmetry, and creating information asymmetry is the key to information warfare. For example, the use of firewalls not only blocked the public’s understanding of the real world and the truth, but also reduced to slaves of the party state through the brainwashing of the official propaganda system. More importantly, it shielded the United States from a large number of real intelligence sources of the Chinese Communist Party. The judgment for the Communist Party of China is based on false information or hard to distinguish true and false information. The asymmetry of this information will eventually affect the decision and judgment of the US side in the decision of Sino-US strategic relations. What is more terrifying is that it will affect the public opinion of the United States and even the general elections of the United States and the political direction of the government.

When the DT excavating team carried out this excavation mission, the so-called defrauding incident that attacked Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblowers Movement brothers-and-sisters in arms with a large number of so-called “awakening volunteers” collectively integrated media was a typical case of information warfare due to the “black box” information asymmetry.

Before revealing the identity of Zeng Hong’s hidden spy and he like, first to split Falun Gong and persecute overseas democracy activists, and then to discredit Mr. Guo Wengui, only from what he did and the so-called “mung bean flies” reporting and news exposure. It can be seen that these CCP hypocrites have asymmetric information in the face of the CCP, the US and the Whistleblowers Movement led by Mr. Wen Gui, that is, they are facing a black box.

They neither understand the United States, nor the Chinese Communist Party, nor the Whistleblowers Movement. This is extremely sad and pathetic. Of course, their purpose in creating various incidents is also to use many people’s ignorance of American culture, system, laws, and institutions to create chaotic incidents caused by misjudgment under the condition of new information asymmetry. Therefore, for some people “dig me” clamour, DT is dismissive. The excavation about Zeng Hong and the mung bean fly are to remind the privies and brothers-and-sisters in arms to pay attention to what the black box of CCP is.

From Zeng Hong’s experience, we can clearly know the path of a spy lurking to become a pro-democracy activist in the United States: “Packaged into rights defenders to guide rights defenders to suppress rights defenders.” Published anti-communist articles to obtain political capital and sneaked into Falun Gong, Applied for political asylum to obtain identity and status, Become a pro-democracy activist to divide Falun Gong, “Be brave and support Mr.Guo Wengui sneaking into the Whistleblowers Movement team, and create incidents to combat the Whistleblowers Movement.” Note that this path is not the character setting or design of Zeng Hong’s personal invention, but the CCP’s consistent approach, and Zeng Hong’s manifestation of the CCP Zombie slave perfectly proves that he is only a poor task performer, “everything is organized by the organization.” The DT excavating tweet for mung bean flies is to reveal the methods and means of CCP using overseas students to conduct its overseas propaganda. The deep excavating of specific implementation methods and paths will be involved in the season three.

It is pitiful that these exploited persons are still asleep, not knowing that they are just a small chess piece. DT has sincerely reminded these CCP hypocrites to face these “black boxes” and spend time to read the articles on the Whistleblowers Movement, because they are ignorant of the CCP, the United States, and the Whistleblowers Movement. They know nothing about the whole world. It is conceivable that the ending and consequences of being the active accomplice of CCP can be imagined under the general environment that the whole world is re-examining and reviewing CCP.

Therefore, through a series of excavating articles, let everyone turn the CCP “black box” into a “white box” in their eyes. It is the core purpose of the DT excavating team to see the essence of CCP and the truth of this biochemical weapon virus war.

Of course, there are two basic tasks to be done before excavating throughout the third season.

to be continued

Edited by 【Himalaya Hawk Squad】