Author:bluesky and TCC;Publish:Oct. 1st 2020

Page:草根 文人

On October 1st, 1949, Mao Zedong proclaimed the establishment of the PRC’s illegitimate government from atop Tiananmen.

Since then, China’s grand rivers and mountains have fallen into the hands of this illegitimate rogue regime that has mastered the shamelessness and ruthlessness, aka the “thick black theory” of all time. Their sins culminate, and their crimes are countless.

Since then, China’s land has lost its sunshine and has been severed from the civilized world, like yin and yang.

Since then, the blood and tears of the Chinese people have moved God and shocked histories.

Since then, the Chinese people have once lost their food, clothing, properties, and prosperity of all wealth. Under the control of the CCP regime, when human civilization was highly developed in the twentieth century, the Chinese people had to eat grass, corpses, and even other human being. They had to forego all dignity to survive!

Since then, the Chinese people have lost their security and freedom, from material to spiritual, and have been living a disdained life even by the slaves of the slavery society.

Since then, China’s ancient land has lost its peace and tranquility and has been replaced by endless fights, infinite fears, and hopeless darkness.

Since then, the people on this land have lost their backbone, elegance, conscience, and integrity. They have lost their characters and no longer respected teachers and the elderly as they used to. These good qualities have been substituted by betrayal, coldness, suspicion, brutality, and cruelty. China’s thousand-year civilization is almost destroyed.

This is what the CCP has brought to the Chinese people!

Today, we can see the hypocrisy of the CCP has deceived the West, and the West’s short-sightedness has nurtured the CCP.

The CCP is the Devil who is feeding on the blood and the sweat of the Chinese people.

Covered by Western capitals’ golden armor, the CCP is shamelessly expanding its hegemony in the world.

The CCP attempts to use biochemical warfare to exterminate humanity and to expand its world map.

The CCP makes all free and peace-loving people in the world become their slaves and providers.

All the suffering people in China,

Let us stand up bravely to take down the CCP!

All the free-loving people in the world, let’s unite together to take down the CCP!

Take down the CCP! The world can be safe!

Take down the CCP! The world can have hope!

Take down the CCP! The world can have a future!

Strong wind reveals the strength of grass, and genuine gold stands the test of fire.

Today our fellow warriors of the New Federal State of China

We are not afraid of the threat of the CCP

We are not scared of the risk of the CCP virus

We are brave enough to take to the streets and make a loud noise to the world

We want to shout out that the CCP is not Chinese and cannot represent the Chinese people! The Chinese people stand with all free-loving and peace-loving people in the world to stand against the CCP, the evilest, underground mafia regime which launched biochemical warfare in the world!

Despite we are facing down a giant of bloodthirst, and the worst villain of this world

We do believe:

Even though an individual’s voice might be frail, but if we unite, the voices can blast the CCP.

Even though an individual’s action might be insubstantial, but if we unite, the forces will strike this beast the deadly blow.

Dark clouds can’t hide the sun’s rays forever

Justice will eventually defeat the evil

CCP will inevitably disappear and be thrown into the garbage dump of history!

How lucky we are to witness this glorious historical moment!

How lucky we are to end the evil regime of CCP with Miles Kwok!

National Mourning Day, Good bye!

National Mourning Day, You are over!

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