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Ambassador Liu,you are the representative of the CCP upper echelon . You are the mouthpiece of the CCP in the UK. More precisely, you are the head of CCP’s vast espionage operation in the UK! Let’s take a closer look at how Liu Xiaoming have been lying, threatening, and deceiving to the UK people.

Crime No. 1.

When Hong Kong was handed o to the CCP by the UK in 1997, the CCP had promised that “one country, two systems” to Hong Kong people, and it even said such system would remain unchanged for at least 50 years. However, we are merely half way through, the CCP has already violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration, effectively tore up its promise made. Hong Kong under the CCP has gone from what has always been known as Pearl of the Orient, to the Inferno in real life.

Liu Xiaoming, you claimed that the relationship between China and the UK must be based on international law and basic norms of international relations. When the British government came forward to provide Hong Kong refugees from your tyranny by giving them British National (Overseas) passport, you responded with blatant threat saying that “the CCP will not treat this as a legal travel document in future. Decoupling with the CCP means delinking from economic growth and prosperous future.”

The CCP is an illegitimate government which has stolen power from the Chinese people and this regime has never been supported by voting of its people. Who are you to deem a legality of a document? What “growth” and “future” are you talking about when you know perfectly well that the CCP has driven China’s economy to the verge of collapse!

Liu Xiaoming, do tell us about how you have supported Hong Kong police’s brutality against peaceful protestors! How you have defended the implementation of the so-called National Security Law in Hong Kong! How you have criticized the BN0 passport issued by the British government! What is your argument for CCP’s destruction of the Sino-British Joint Declaration and turning a blind eye to this Basic Law that guaranteed freedom for Hong Kong for 50 years?

Crime No. 2.

The CCP has intentionally released and spread the CCP virus to the world and it is causing the growing number of deaths and significant impact on global economy. Behind those death counts, too many people had to give up their lives, too many family had to face life and death situation, too many hearts are broken, and too many are still in grieving day after day!

To date, nearly 450,000 people in the UK have been infected with the CCP virus and 42,000 have died. Many of us have relatives or friends either lost their lives or have suffered from this virus, and even our Prime Minister and the Royal Family members have been infected!

Liu Xiaoming, you have always told lies for the CCP. We don’t need to look far for evidences. You told the UK public that “The CCP is the first country to report the pandemic to the international community and has achieved important phased results in prevention and control of the pandemic. The CCP has accumulated valuable experience in fighting against pandemic and provided tremendous support to global communities.” And you also said, “China and Britain must work together to fight the pandemic to build a community with a shared future for mankind.”

While your words are high-sounding, your CCP government has repeatedly refused to let international scientists to investigate the CCP virus? Why don’t you want the truth about the virus to come out? ! Where is the genome sequence of the virus? ! Did the CCP deliberately release the virus to the world? ! How did the CCP corrupted the World Health Organization in the whole pandemic handling? ! This so-called “a-community-with-a-shared-future” of the CCP is nothing but a plot to drag everyone down to Hell, right?

Crime No. 3.

Recently, you were caught red handed on Twitter when you “liked” a pornographic video clip . Rather bizarrely, you got so angry and accusing whoever noticed this incident “anti-China”. People were just pointing out a fact that is you expressed appreciation of a pornographic video. It might be surprising to you but people in free world are entitled to their opinions. You have no right to label them “anti-Chinese” just because some of them expressed disapproval of what you have done. More importantly, The CCP is not Chinese and can never represent Chinese. Shame on you to hold 1.4 billion Chinese people as your hostage!

You once said that “we have to wait and see”? We all have been watching you very carefully with our eyes wide open! Indeed, your words and deeds represent the CCP’s! We clearly see how you helped the CCP to cover up the truth about the virus, to use fake data to deceive the people, to take the 1.4 billion Chinese people as hostage, and to blame other countries for the virus.

As a senior member of the CCP, you should stand up like a man and not just hide behind the innocent Chinese people and let them take the blame for you and your evil party. Britain will not exclude the Chinese people but Britain will shut the CCP out. Britain will work with freedom-loving nations to take down the CCP! It is time for you to think about your own future. The CCP is about to collapse, do you really want to keep on being the outlet for the CCP? Think really hard about this !

Remember, an accomplice is also a criminal! When the global RICO bill comes, you will have nowhere to hide. Liu Xiaoming, put down the butcher knife and surrender.

Edited by:【Himalaya Hawk Squad