On September 25th, Beijing time, CCTV quoted China Securities Journal and published an article on stock investment analysis. The article stated that “the coming of the November holiday also means that the fourth quarter of the A-share market is about to start, and the A-shares have been surging since early July. The market has continued to consolidate since the beginning, and the transaction volume has shrunk significantly compared with the previous period. Looking forward to the market outlook, the performance of procyclical areas will improve to varying degrees, including financial sectors such as insurance and banking, cyclical sectors such as building materials and chemicals, and post-cycle real estate such as light industry and home appliances. In the consumer sector, travel and consumer sectors such as aviation, hotels, airports, and film and television will recover in turn (meaning that the stock market is optimistic about rising).”

At the same time, the China Securities Journal published an article “Digital RMB Research and Development Has Achieved Phased Results”. The article quoted the views of Fan Yifei, Vice Governor of the People’s Bank of China. The basic meaning is that digital RMB research and development has achieved phased results and is in progress. The internal closed test, the digital people’s currency will replace the paper renminbi. This article once again proves that the CCP’s finances have dried up. The CCP has repeatedly overissued and printed the renminbi, and it is difficult to solve the current situation of China’s economic collapse. It is attempting to use digital currency for the last resort.

Since the CCP commanded the black police to suppress Hong Kong, participated in the infiltration of American politics and launched the CCP plague to the world. The US government initiated comprehensive sanctions against the Chinese Communist Party, and the righteous nations of the world have joined the sanctions camp. As the global anti-communist alliance grows stronger, the CCP’s One Belt One Road project will be completely bankrupt, the overseas assets of thieves will be seized, and the domestic economy will collapse. Only by rapidly destroying the communists and rebuilding their homes can the 1.4 billion Chinese compatriots and the people of the world be saved.