2. Digging on Dr. YAN’s Wedding Images

Before we start digging on the second wedding image, DT wants to walk you through as how DT has done the digging.

Some hypocrites have already commenced to smear our heroic and beautiful scientist Dr. YAN, and yet their arguments only show their ignorance.

First of all, DT excavators have repeatedly stated that all data are publicly available as they are exclusively from the Internet. It is impossible that we go to and use the Dark Web or pay to buy the so-called intelligence. Of course, DT will pay if need be when it comes to some information search sites that charge fees. (e.g. Sky Eye and foreign financial information search sites and some paper search sites)

The images above are from the Internet, and so are those below. In order to popularize the DT mining methods to the CCP hypocrites, it will be interesting to commit a paragraph here to educate them in this regards so that they won’t retardedly think that it’s DT’s conspiracy theory or got the inside scoop from Mr. Guo Wengui.

Finding such information on the internet is simple. The key is that you understand fundamentally the logic and method of CCP’s removal of information. The heroic defection of Dr. Yan in the U.S. occurred a few months ago. In response, CCP removes information from the Internet to cover it up. That CCP removes information from the internet proves two things: first, the incident is true: the scientist did flee to the U.S.; second, Dr. YAN is very important to them.

Well, our digging this time came after Dr. YAN’s public debut, which means that, by then CCP has removed a lot of the information on the internet related to this event. This raises a second question: is there still information and data that have not been purged? In other words, we first need to identify what information CCP is able to remove and what not. The CCP does not have the ability to delete all relevant information it intends to.

To summarize briefly: the methods by which CCP blocks and purges information include: 1. Possess information with administrative authorities. 2. Blocking information via search engines. 3. Hacking information publishing sites. (This is rarely used.)

Specifically, the above Item 1 includes direct orders to the University of Hong Kong, schools Dr. YAN has gone to, including orders to paper publishing units or platforms to delete or modify the author order and the name of the paper, etc.

2. All search engines in the country have blocked some keywords including the name of the scientist. Understanding this will let you know what CCP can’t delete. There is still information that CCP can’t remove. The first category will be the information in an individual’s social account (such social platforms of Facebook and Twitter), as the management of such accounts are generally not in the hands of the CCP.

Dr. YAN is located at the University of Hong Kong and engages in scientific research. The social media platforms that Hong Kong scientists are accustomed to using are generally Facebook, and the connection with the Mainland is supposedly WeChat. That’s why it’s crucial to find out the Facebook account of Dr. YAN as it’s controlled by the scientist herself. CCP can’t delete it any time soon. The account must be unrelated to work, so there’s not much value in deleting it. However, with CCP’s approaches to the control of Facebook, it will generally block the search, making it difficult to find.

The second category is news reports that have already been published on the internet. It involves reprinting, publishing platform and many other issues that make it difficult to delete. But that CCP blocks the search in the engine search, simply makes it difficult to find. The third category is the content of the papers published on foreign platforms, which is difficult for CCP to delete as it involves management authority. Therefore, understanding what the CCP cannot delete will make it possible to find such valuable information.

For some of the information presented in this article, DT Excavation Squad has already done a digging in preparation for P4 Lab Season 2. A lot of the information was already available, but instead of eyeing on Dr. YAN, the focus was placed on some other key figures. And these figures just happen to coincide with the revelation of the scientist (see Season 2 The Finale). And it was not until after the completion of Season 2 that we learned, via the Lude Show, of the defection of the heroic scientist from Hong Kong. It’s all so coincidental.

Well, enough to educate the CCP hypocrites with the basic ABC. So the focus of the digging for the key traits erased from this photo is to find the Facebook or Twitter account of the scientist. Of course, it must be very be hard to do. But DT excavators have a way. Out of respect to our scientist, we will not expose the few key pictures without her permission. As for the process of judging, we will not show the evidences as all has proven who the Sri Lankan scientist who tried to kill his wife was, and whether or not he was the scientist up there, you judge for yourself. We’ll get to the academic excavations about that scientist later, because he’s important!

Here, DT, while not wanting to continue gossiping, is going to show some images. We assume Dr. YAN will be in tears when she sees them, just as we did when we were doing the mining. Seeing and touched by the peaceful Hong Kong protestors, Heaven has sent us a goddess to save the world, an Athena who comes in the Pandora’s Box. She is a beautiful, kind, genuine and brave Chinese woman. Words can’t express our respect and gratitude to this Qingdao born girl! Let’s see more images:

These are some of the images of this goddess at her wedding in Canada in September 2018. Everything was beautiful, and she was living a beautiful and romantic life. But to expose the truth of the CCP virus, she’s determined to discard it all….

to be continued

Edited by 【Himalaya Hawk Squad】