On the morning of September 22, Eastern Time, the 75th UN General Assembly was held at the headquarters in New York, USA. President Trump delivered a speech at the conference on behalf of the United States of America. President Trump said straightforwardly that the CCP virus has challenged the world. When the virus broke out, the CCP closed Wuhan and domestic flights, but continued to open international flights, causing the virus to spread globally. President Trump pointed out that the CCP controlled the WHO and concealed the truth about human-to-human transmission of the virus, causing heavy casualties all over the world. The CCP must be held responsible for this, and the United Nations must also hold the CCP accountable.

President Trump believes that a responsible regime will protect its citizens. The United States beheaded Soleimani, the representative of the Iranian dictatorship, and signed an important peace agreement in the Middle East. The United States has absolute power and maintains world peace. President Trump stated that the United States will defeat the CCP virus and end the epidemic, bringing the world into a new stage of prosperity and peace. At the end of the speech, President Trump prayed for the people of the United States and the world.

President Trump’s full accountability of the CCP at the UN General Assembly proves that the United States has completed the collection of evidence against the new crown virus and the world’s righteous forces have been assembled. President Trump’s speech sounded the clarion call for the destruction of communism around the world. It is expected that all parties will act together quickly and efficiently, and the countdown to the evil government of the CCP has officially entered.