On September 21, Eastern Time, New Zealand Direct Democratic Party Secretary General Chris Newman accepted an interview with the old squad leader of the New Zealand Farm of the New China Federation and other comrades-in-arms. Mr. Newman has participated in the New Zealand Party and the Public Party, participated in the Red Maru University project, and worked for the freedom and democracy of the New Zealand people.

Newman stated that the CCP infiltrated New Zealand through currency, capital, commerce, political ties, and education, trying to make her a satellite country of Communist China and then implement colonial rule. Fortunately, the revelation revolution united all freedom-loving Chinese in New Zealand, helped to awaken the local residents of New Zealand and shake the entire political circle.

Newman believes that the breaking news revolution initiated by Mr. Guo Wengui helped the Chinese people get rid of the CCP’s holdover, annihilated the CCP, and gave the people the right to determine their own destiny, instead of living under the worst dictatorship.

Newman pointed out that the CCP coronavirus is causing the entire country to panic. People can no longer enjoy a normal and happy life. Communism has strangled and destroyed everything it touched, and absorbed people’s lives like parasites. The people of New Zealand are willing to fight side by side with the breaking news revolution and the New China Federation to fight against and destroy the monster and demon of the Chinese Communist Party, and save humanity from the scourge of communism.

The anti-communist movement initiated by the breaking news has swept the world, the calls for investigation and accountability of the CCP virus are increasing, and more and more countries have joined the anti-communist movement. In the face of the buildup of justice forces, the CCP has exposed unprecedented fears. The serious crimes committed by it, such as throwing biological and chemical weapons and anti-humanity, will never escape trial by international justice forces.