The successful defection of Hong Kong woman scientist Dr. Li-Meng YAN and her revelation of the truth about the CCP virus is appalling. The Chinese Communist Party has thus begun a bout of smear and defamation against the virologist, playing its usual dirty tricks again.

In view of this, the DT Excavation Squad of the Whistleblower Movement feels the needs to take urgent actions to reveal more clues for those who wish to learn about the truth, while at the same time kicking off our P4 Lab Season 3 Excavation Operation on the basis of Season 2.

What should be noted is that, all the contents for this edition of our excavation efforts are from the Internet. They are searchable internet resources. As we may apologize for infringement of privacy to any individuals concerned, we also humbly want you to know that DT has no intention whatsoever to infringe anyone’s privacy for any evil or commercial purposes. CCP virus is a disaster for mankind due to its extensive and profound impact. DT is committed to excavating the origin of this worldwide pandemic and reveal it to the world in the hope that people and countries involved will work together to eradicate the root that has generated this biochemical weapon and return a safe and secure living environment back to mankind.

For your information, one of our brothers in arms has contributed an article about what information CCP has been deleted concerning Dr. Li-Meng Yan and it is available on our GNEWS, the only (social) media in the world that regards takedown of the Chinese Communist Party as the sole stand in the current Whistleblower Movement or the Exposé Revolution. You are welcome to read it at 259481/ which can serve as a preliminary excavation.

Let’s start with some basic data, including a summary of this complete article.

Preparation of basic data for mining

A) Basic Data about Dr. Li-Meng YAN [from the above article]

B) Images of Dr. Scarlett YAN that appeared on the internet including in FOX video shows

Serial No.1 – Description:a full-face smiling image
Serial No.2 – Description:a front talking image facing sideways
Serial No.3 – Description:a full-face smiling image
Serial No.4 – Description:a full-face smiling image
Serial No.5 – Description:a full-face individual image at work
Serial No.6 – Description:a group photo with colleagues
Serial No.7 – Description:a wedding image

We make a preliminary interpretation over these seven images as our base data for further excavations.

A) Character feature recognition: As images 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all full-faced photos with obvious character features, a summary can simply go like: she is a beautiful woman featuring a high degree of facial recognition with shoulder-length hair, glasses, a toothy smile and a well-proportioned figure.

B) Work-related images Image 5 and 6 clearly show Dr. YAN’s workplace and her associated colleagues. Image 5 was taken in front of her published paper. The badge and the information on the top of the paper should be able to show the information about her employer. Unfortunately, the image is too blurry to be seen clearly. There’s a man with glasses in Image 6 that isn’t covered up. This person should be very important.

C) Wedding image This image basically shows the family relationships of Dr. YAN, including her husband’s family and her own family. Our beautiful scientist is married to a foreigner (a Sri Lankan) whose family consists of parents and an older sister (or a younger sister) (probably an older sister) and a younger brother. The family of the scientist herself consists of her parents and a younger brother. The venue of the wedding should be a famous foreign site with a church in the background.

So, based on these two sets of basic information above, we embark on our mining journey.

1. Mining on our scientist’s images at work:

The above base information, in fact poses the following objectives for the mining:

i) Where does the scientist work?

ii) Selected papers she has published

iii) Her colleagues

We’ll unfold these three objectives one by one;

Before unfolding, we’d like to show you a set of images first. Following respective interpretations of these images, the above questions will naturally find its answer.

Note these images were excavated after CCP and the CCP-led University of Hong Kong conducted a comprehensive cleanup of Dr. YAN’s data on the Internet. The specifics of how they have been uncovered is only a technical problem. Here once again, we proclaim that they are all information from public websites.

Image 1, 2015

The caption for this image is Students and Lecturers of the 8th HKU-Pasteur Immunology Course November 24, 2015

In this image, Dr. YAN was not looking at the camera lens. It is easy to locate her. But she’s got shorter hair. The name of the conference translates as “Students and Lecturers of the 8th HKU-Pasteur Immunology Course,” which suggests that, the capacity of Dr. YAN was then either a student or a lecturer. Let’s see a partial enlargement of this image:

The interpretation of this image renders us a key name: The 8th HKU-Pasteur Immunology Course.

Image 2, 2017

Dr. YAN again has her signature smile in this image and is conspicuous to locate. A partial enlargement shows as follows:

Image 3, 2019

Image caption:Tremendous Success for the 10th Immunology Course Anniversary Symposium!

Shown below is a set of images with the general title of “Tremendous Success for the 10th Immunology Course Anniversary Symposium!” A key figure associated with Dr. YAN is simultaneously taken in this image series.

This is the first image of this set, a group photo of the conference participants. Dr. YAN is conspicuous spot. The following is a partial enlargement:

The two images below are scenes taken at almost the same time from different angles. Dr. YAN and an expat male scientist are talking with a white-haired scientist with glasses. Notice the position and angle of the three people in the first image which shows the co-worker relationship between Dr. YAN and the dense-haired scientist in the middle. In the image on the right, we indicated the location where the three people were talking and the angle at which the picture on the left was taken.

On the right side is an image of the same dining table during a toast. Dr. YAN scientist stood on one side, making room to a man for a toast with glasses.

The two men in the above image, who is talking Dr. YAN, are together marked up in the first group photo.

This set of images not only proves the participation of our beautiful scientist in this 2019 workshop, but more importantly, after the event before and during the meal, she had always been with a male scientist (a Sri Lankan national), interacting with people together, sitting adjacent to each other. Were they just colleagues? This is the clue revealed by this set of images.

to be continued

Edited by 【Himalaya Hawk Squad】